Friday, November 05, 2004

Yasser Arafat is...alive.

It's two days after the election and I'm still depressed and I have a wicked bad cold to add to the fun. I'm feeling better, but you couldn't tell from my voice right now. Oh well, life must go on.
So I was listening to the President's press conference this morning on WDET and got some surprising news. A reporter (I don't recall who) told Bush that Yasser Arafat was dead, and then asked him what he had to say about it. Bush said something like "God bless his soul. I look forward to a free Palestinian state that is in peace with Israel". I hate to say it, but Bush handled it fairly well and didn't go off on any wild and evil tangents. Now either the press was trying to set him up or they just made a huge mistake. Did this reporter get his information from USA Today? Turns out that Mr. Arafat is not dead. He is in a coma and is in "grave condition". OOPS! I was telling people at work all day that Yasser Arafat was dead. I guess that everyone should check their sources, including me. Not that there is anything funny about this situation, but a French spokesperson denied the rumor by simply stating "Yasser Arafat is not dead". And then he walked away. French people are funny (in spite of the Jerry Lewis infatuation).
Luckily there is some potentially great news in America. It's been rumored that John Ashcroft may step down after this term as Attorney General. Woo hoo! Mr. Ashcroft is supposedly "burnt out". Religion is fine and good and an important part of people's lives (if they choose to follow that path). But I am a staunch supporter of the separation of Church and State. There is something fundamentally wrong when the Attorney General believes and publicly states that the Bible is more important than the Constitution. I don't know if I would trust anyone who was sworn in with his hand on four Bibles. One should be sufficient. Actually, I think that the Bible should be eliminated and all government officials should place their hands on a copy of the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers had enough foresight to separate Church and State. We don't need the return of Puritanical rule. There are too many Revelations-fearing, neo-prohibitionist, podunk living, truth-fearing, fear-comatose, Bush bumpersticker-having folk out there (as evidenced by the recent election results). Good riddance John Ashcroft! Now my fear is who Bush may appoint in his place. I'm sure he has some sort of Billy Graham/Goebbels/Buchanan type hybrid lined up. Lets fall on whatever faith we may or may not have and pray that this is not the case. I'm equally scared by the eventual Supreme Court nominations in the next four years. I'm sure Bush has that Alabama judge in mind (no, not the masturbating judge, that was Missouri or something).
Proposal 71 passed in California allowing 3 billion dollars to be used for stem-cell research. Thanks California! I love you guys. Great weather, beautiful mountains and beaches, great wine, and people who aren't afraid to think.
It's also rumored that Colin Powell may step down. I have nothing against Mr. Powell, really. Thanks for being more moderate than your bedfellows. Good luck to you in your future. I hope that you'll be able to make a living on speaking engagements.
That's enough politics for now.
Today's wine recommendation: 2003 Nepenthe Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc $14.99
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