Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy friggin' Valentine's Day!

Not much going on with me, but a few things I'd like to mention...

I've got another damn cold. I can't breathe and my head is going to explode. Oh joy! (At least I didn't get the flu like everyone at the restaurant.)

Horatio Sanz is NOT funny. Horatio Sanz may be the candidate for the least funny Saturday Night Live cast member of all time. He flubs his lines all the time and always starts cracking up. Dude, cut down on the weed and shut up. At least you portray Kim Jong Il well in the visual sense. Hey Lorne, if you're looking for the token fat caucasian-ish white guy, look no further. At least his overrated partner in line-flubbing, Jimmy Fallon, is gone. Kudos to the news duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It's the best SNL Weekend Update since Norm McDonald.

I'm listening to the new Marianne Faithfull right now. It's really, really good. Awesome actually. The music is written by PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Damon Albarn, and John Brion. The lyrics are penned by Ms. Faithfull. Members of the Bad Seeds provide much of the backing band. Right now I think my favorite track is the Nick Cave written "There Is a Ghost". Great album! Go to Glen's and buy it now!

We've recently switched over from Comcast cable to WOW in our household. There's not much difference, but now we get two PBS stations. We used to get Detroit, obviously, but now we also get the Flint PBS station. This is pretty cool because they buy some subtley different programming. Much of it is the same and at the same time, but there are a few differences of note. Austin City Limits, for example, airs earlier on the Flint station on Saturdays. This is always a great show. You'll catch a lot of amazing acts that you won't find elsewhere. Damien Rice and Patty Griffin were both on this weekend. Good stuff. I caught a little bit of The Jack Benny Show on the Detroit station this Saturday with special guest Liberace. Hilarious! I haven't seen or heard any Jack Benny in a while. Liberace was just as "flamboyant" in his younger days and actually pretty funny. My favorite show on PBS and one of my favorite shows on TV is a travel show called Globe Trekker. It airs at 10:00PM on Flint and 2:00AM-ish on Detroit on Saturdays. Globe Trekker goes to some of the most remote and less touristy places. Seeing as my chances of going to Iran, Vietnam, Nepal, Finland, or Argentina are fairly slim I'll enjoy the trip on my couch. My favorite episodes are led by Ian Wright. He's a funny, smart, charming young Brit who reminds me a lot of superstar chef Jamie Oliver. I'm glued to every episode. It's really fascinating stuff. Thank goodness for PBS.

I FINALLY saw Sideways today. I've been getting a lot of comments from customers regarding the film...
"Why haven't you seen it yet?"
"You should see it. You could learn a lot about wine."
"You still haven't seen Sideways?"
"It should be required viewing. Your boss should take the whole staff to see it."
"Do you sell pinot noir? They love it in the movie. I think I'll try one. Do you have one for 5 bucks?"
Well...I finally saw it and have to admit that I liked it. I didn't love it, but I liked it. The movie really isn't about wine, but Santa Barbara wine country makes for an interesting setting. The plot is much deeper and delves into mid-life crisis, depression, adultery, and such. But the wine/winery scenes provide good comic relief. I'm a wine geek and laughed at a lot of the wine-speak. Paul Giamatti's character is a little too wine "snobbish" for my taste, but the information presented was surprisingly accurate. The line about merlot cracked my ass up (as a serial merlot-hater). The performances by Mr. Giamatti, Virginia Madsen, Thomas Haden Church, and Sandra Oh were "just right". This is a very good film, but I don't know if I'd find it Oscar-worthy in any category except for Screenplay. If I had a bottle of 1961 Cheval Blanc I'd probably drink it with a burger and onion rings too.

Happy friggin' Valentine's Day!
I hate Valentine's Day! It may only be because I never seem to have anyone to share it with. Yeah, I'm bitter. I haven't gotten a Valentine (other than from dear old mom) since elementary school. You know...when you had a decorative "mailbox" covered with pink, purple, and red hearts on your desk and it was mandatory for all the students in your class to give you one. I miss those days. Even mandatory cards are nicer than none...I guess. I remember that I'd put extra shitty/chalky candies in the envelopes of the girls that I had a crush on. Yeah...I'm talking about you, Jenny Norman, from the fifth grade. ;) I did receive a card in the third grade that had a little something extra to it. I think she wrote "I like you." with lots of hearts on it. Turns out that I was oblivious to the obvious back then too. Michelle was pretty and best friends with Carla, the most popular girl in the class. I had my eyes on Carla as did everyone else. Damn I was a fool. Hey, Michelle! Still wanna hook up? I was actually sort of a junior-player back in those days with my uber-blonde Dutch Boy hair cut, freckles, and missing teeth. One of my first "girlfriends", Sharon, and I both had the same matching Muppet Show lunchbox. Fate? We kind of broke up when she was held back a year (Ouch!) and then moved. I'm assuming that she's made it pass the third grade by now. Good luck to her wherever she is. Thanks for making me feel special, anyhow. My "player" days have deteriorated. Should I go back to the "Dutch Boy"?

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. This especially goes out to those who are not dating or married. Those of us who are still single deserve a hug. Valentine's Day is not marketed to those of us lonely folks. Hey Hallmark! Eat a crap sandwich! I hope that everyone gets some sort of positive recognition this Valentine's Day. Be nice and respectful to single people. They deserve it. I hope that your shoebox Valentine's "mailbox" is full and has extra candy in it. Now excuse me as I eat dinner by myself in front of the TV and cry myself to sleep...

Today's wine recommendation- Bonny Doon Framboise $12.99/375ml
This is not your traditional wine. This awesome dessert wine is actually made from neutral spirits infused with raspberries. It's rich and sweet and true to the fruit. It's so rich with raspberry flavor that you'll want to spit out the seeds. This stuff is unbelievably decadent and even non wine drinkers would love it. It's decadent and hedonistic. Great with Valentine's chocolates, on pancakes, on ice cream, or on your lover. Give a bottle to your significant other and you're sure to get a little something-something if you know what I mean...

Until the next bottle...


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