Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bitchslapping a generation...

So there's this new show on MTV called My Super Sweet Sixteen that makes me hate this generation of kids even more. Each episode focuses on one 15 year old and their preparations for their "Sweet Sixteen" party. First of all, these kids are way to f'in rich. Second of all, they're deservant of the "Bitchslap Heard 'Round the World". I've only seen two so far, but both of the girls exhibited such general whinyness, bitchiness, selfishness, and stupidity that I about kvetched on myself. The first episode was focused on a girl who wasn't entirely popular, but had an ego that would eclipse Donald Trump. Her mom was a drunk and her dad was way late so at least there was some drama. She got a brand new Mustang convertible for her birthday. The second girl was so obnoxious, stuck-up, bitchy, whiny, spoiled, and generally icky that I got up and slapped the TV. I've never hit anyone, especially a woman, but I would go out of my way to publicly slap this girl (a minor) and risk the jail time. Her parents spent more on her "Sweet Sixteen" party than most people spend on elaborate weddings. She saw a Land Rover that she liked and commented on it until she found out that it was used and made a face of disgust. Her dress was around $10,000 or something stupid. Stupider yet was her entrance to the party. She was carried into the ballroom on a bed supported by four shirtless men. Ewww... she's sixteen. She went insane when she found out that her mom canceled her credit card. I mean absolutely apeshit! She cried and pouted because she thought that her party may be ruined. What a bitch. Then she got her birthday present...a brand new Land Rover. Her parents said it was hers on the condition that she treated them with respect. She got in the Land Rover, squelched the tires, and sped away. Kids these days...I tell ya. Next week's episode features a "guy" and his "Sweet Sixteen" party.

I didn't have a "Sweet Sixteen" party. In fact, I never had a birthday party. Never even went to Chuck E. Cheese. My first car was a 1980 Plymouth Volare..."Premiere Edition". Many of you know the car of which I speak. I've heard of "Sweet Sixteen" parties, but never on such a disgusting scale. I could imagine it in the grand Southern cotillion tradition of a young woman being formally introduced to society, but not at a rental hall in Arizona. Kids today...they make we want to puke. Respect your elders, learn to be polite, don't be ignorant, don't whine, don't pout, don't be selfish, don't act superior, treat your peers with respect, and don't act like spoiled little princesses/princes. Shut up and behave! As we say in the restaurant business, "I'd like a side of 'Shut the Fuck Up!'"

On another note...our new computer system at work is still a work in progress. It's installed, but we're encountering lots of bugs in the system. Not bugs really...more like giant hissing Madagascar cockroaches or even something of a more Kafka-esque scale. The new system is supposed to simplify, but in it's infancy stages it's actually creating triple-work for me. Yeah...what a hoot.

Oh yeah, check out this really cool baby name wizard that I stole from Julie. It will tell you what baby names were most popular in the twentieth century. Very cool.



Blogger Kathleen said...

Holy cow! That show sounds like it'd make my normally low blood pressure skyrocket. A convertible Mustang for a 16-year-old? PUHLEEZE!!!! My first car I bought with my own money and was a 1976 Ford Maverick. And I loved it. Did you see the article in the Freep last week about the 16-yr-old who rolled a HUMMER (not an H2, but a HUMMER) and killer her friend. Why on earth was a 16-year-old driving a freaking HUMMER??? Rich people need to learn to make their kids earn stuff like that or they don't appreciate it. Then again, maybe I'm just bitter because I wasn't given a brand new Mustang convertible ever in my life. ;-)

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