Sunday, April 24, 2005

A whole lotta bubkus...

Here's some snore-inducing crap for ya...

I was flipping channels tonight and noticed...

...Tracy Chapman on Austin City Limits. She has shoes now. Good for you Tracy! She sounded great!

...that Americans must be really stupid if they have to put English subtitles on the screen when people are speaking English. This typically happens when Brits, Australians, Ugandans, or Appalachian folk are speaking.

...that I still love Globe Trekker on PBS. Today part-time host Megan McCormick was in Egypt. She traveled around quite a bit including the obvious pyramids...but the coolest thing is when she took a hot air balloon and flew over the Valley of Kings. It was stunning! I couldn't even imagine how great it would be to see Giza, Luxor, and Abu Simbel in person. I am so jealous of my friend Kathleen who's been to Egypt.

...that NASCAR sucks...especially when it pre-empts MAD TV. Actually I've known that NASCAR sucks for some time now. It's sucked since its conception...that fateful day when a be-mulleted inbred Cro Magnon with body lice and the stench of wet fart got his manhood stuck in a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon while watching his mama get it on with his brother/father/uncle/dog while the tires on their home were being rotated. Please folks...stop peeing in the gene-pool!!!

...that Horatio Sanz is still un-funny.

In other news...

Looking forward to my business trip to Florida.

I was screwing around in the kitchen tonight and made a pretty kick-ass Indian style dish with chicken, potato, sweet potato, red pepper, onion, ginger, green onion, fresh mango, pineapple, bean sprouts, carrot, purple cabbage, fresh hot pepper, OJ, vegetable stock, soy nuts, almonds, and Dopiaza sauce. I put it over some jasmine rice and it was pretty damn awesome. Spicy enough, but not enough to make you cry. I should enough to last all week.

I was flipping through my new Entertainment Weekly and saw an ad for something deeply disturbing. Rosie O'Donnell and Andie McDowell are going to star in a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation of Riding the Bus with My Sister on CBS. Rosie plays someone with "special needs". The picture makes it look so saccharine sweet that I may vomit through my nose. I'm sure that Ms. (Mrs.?) O'Donnell will find it a real stretch to play a character that is socially awkward and stared at by little children ("Mommy...I thought that you said there was no such thing as monsters..."). I'm trying to be as PC as possible...I have absolutely nothing against special needs people or lesbians...just Rosie O'Donnell.

No one interviewed seems to be too happy with the new choice of pope. What?!? Do they have a problem with the Inquisition?

This is's late was 83 degrees last snowed today. Yup...this is Michigan...the state that looks like a mitten, has the shittiest roads anywhere, and votes "blue", yet still votes down the gay-marriage proposition. Michigan isn't supposed to make sense.

One of my Detroin Lions (Defensive End) came in this week to buy some wine. He's the nicest guy you could ever meet and he can crush you between his thumb and forefinger. He likes some nice reds and he's liked my choices for him thus far. He said that he'd get me a pair of tickets to any single game I want next season except for Thanksgiving. Awesome!!! I think it's kind of funny, but very cool that three of the biggest, toughest defensivemen from the Lions get together and drink wine. Imagine it...if you will.

Hmmm...that's enough useless shite for now...



Blogger Eri said...

You "have absolutely nothing against special needs people?" You might as well, since many of us have a thing or two against the normies we encounter. Go ahead, sink to our level.


5:01 PM  
Blogger Eri said...

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11:22 PM  
Blogger Eri said...

I saw from the footprints you left on my blahg that I might've confused the hell of you. Sorry about that. I know it says somewhere on that thing that I'm an epileptic and there may even be a rant or two about folks who don't recognize the Americans with Disabilities--these would be the people my friends and I dub "normies." My comment wasn't an excuse to call you, a complete stranger, a name.


P.S. You'll see that I deleted a comment. Apparently, I made an error.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

That's cool! Call me anything you like. My only intention was to rip on Rosie.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Eri said...

Yeah, she should be ripped on for the mere fact that she's as annoying as all holy hell.


1:10 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

I must confess that when I watch English/Australian/whathaveyou films that I do put on the subtitles automatically...of course, I do it with all movies, but I will always remember seeing Raining Stones at the DFT and there were already subtitles and Dear God were they needed!

NASCAR actually started thanks to moonshine and the running of it...sad, but true. And yes, NASCAR always sucks.

I hate Andie MacDowell more than I hate Rosie O'Donnell...just saying.

3:06 PM  

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