Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Boing! The springiest spring ever and a trifecta of TV.

Hey kids!

This spring is the most properly spring-like that I seem to recall in Michigan. Michigan spring lately has been an amalgam of snow flurries, 80+ days, wind storms, and just random craziness. This year has been pretty warm and we've had a fair amount of rain. I think that both of those things are supposed to be associated with spring weather. Crazy. Just crazy.

I hope that you all had a nice Easter. Mine was fine. Nothing too eventful. I drove to visit family, had lunch, and drove back. Along the way on the drive I noticed an Amish buggy for sale (there are Amish near my parents). It was marked at $1500 and parked in front of a non-Amish house. Do you think that maybe someone was buggy-jacked and the thing is "hot"? Is $1500 the going rate for a used buggy?

I scarily joined the modern age and bought a cell phone. I figure that I'll be getting brain cancer about 5-10 years after everyone else. It's pretty cool, but I haven't gotten a single call yet. I currently have "Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash as my ring tone, so that's pretty cool.

Last night was a great night of TV for me. A great episode of 24 at 9:00PM, a repeat of Sunday's Sopranos at 10:00PM (I got home late on Sunday), and then No Reservations which I had taped while watching The Sopranos. All of them were awesome! The Sopranos is getting pretty damn interesting after a sort of slow (but good) start. 24 just frickin' rocked! Each week is a nailbiter. The guy who plays the President should get an Emmy! Awesome frickin' season! Anthony Bourdain was in Quebec and ate a butt-load of foie gras on No Reservations. Mmmmmmmm...

I was thinking and here are a few things that I'm either glad of or not so glad of...

I'm glad I'm NOT one of those people who "hangs out" at Starbucks.

I'm glad I'm NOT a Bush.

I'm glad I'm a Detroiter.

I'm glad I work in the wine business.

I'm not glad I work for idiots.

I'm glad and thankful to have great friends.

I'm glad that The Sopranos is back on.

I'm not glad that I don't have much of a social life.

I'm glad I bought the new Neko Case album. (Awesome!)

I'm glad that I've been invited to judge a wine competition in another country. (It's only across the river...)

I'm glad to be a geek.

I'm glad that I can now hear the frogs at night and the robins in the morning.

I'm not glad that the heat and humidity are on the rise.

I'm glad that the generals are speaking up.

I'm not glad that Donald Rumsfeld is such a tool.

I'm glad that I have the ability to order the world's best bread directly from a French bakery over the internet and can get it shipped in time for my dinner party.

I'm also glad that I have access to Normandy butter to go with said bread.

I'm not glad to hear talk of the possible use of nukes.

I'm glad to be Swiss.

I'm glad that I've been to Australia.

I'm glad to be a liberal.

That's about it for now.



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