Saturday, April 22, 2006

Freaky Friday and the art of "getting digits"...

I believe that the Friday after Good Friday, according to the church calendar, is Freaky Friday. I could be mistaken, but it was a little odd.

I worked at the restaurant job tonight like any other Friday night. As an expeditor I work in the kitchen. I do not work behind the line, but rather on it. The kitchen is not an open kitchen, but I can see a portion of the bar and smoking section from my usual vantage point. I usually don't pay much mind to it as I obviously several tasks at hand. Tonight one of the servers (the lovely "N") informed me that one of her tables thought I was "really cute". Wow! They must've been loaded I thought...or chubby-chasers. I craned my neck to get a glance, but couldn't get a very good view. I didn't want to stare or move much closer. I wanted to down-play it. It seemed that every time I stole a glance I would catch someone STARING at me. I probably should have waved, but I was a little shy. I asked "S" if she'd take a peek for me. "S" wouldn't do me wrong. She came back and said that I should definitely not act on anything and leave things be. I was curious, certainly, and of course flattered. But it seems (from personal experience) that most of the women that have ever found me attractive and acted on it (pursued it) have been "hide your pet rabbit" futs! I think that being asked out by a woman or flirted with is just about the most flattering thing on earth. I'd love it if a girl asked me out. In my case it doesn't happen very often for various understandable reasons.

Anyhoo..."N" came back to the kitchen with a napkin with a name and phone number on it and it also said "You are a nice looking guy and I would like to get to know you more....." Dang! That's pretty damn forward. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but in this situation I probably could've broken a very long involuntary streak of abstinence tonight. "N" said that the two ladies were couldn't stop looking at me. That's not something I get very often. It was flattering but also a little uncomfortable. The fact that other better looking male employees were bypassed and I was the focal point was also indeed flattering, but made me wonder what may be wrong with these ladies. "N" asked me if I wanted to come to the table or if I'd be interested in anything with them. I asked "N" to politely same I'm flattered, but not interested. They were sitting in smoking. While I'm not a smoker I don't entirely mind people smoking...until you kiss them. The fun of making out with someone is ruined when they're a smoker. It's like makeing out with a dirty ashtray. But the thing that made me finally decide not to call this woman (along with "S"'s advisory "no" and the fact that I'm crushin' on someone) was the fact that she only tipped "N" 13% on her bill. Not cool! Not fuckin' cool! I will not date anyone who cannot tip AT LEAST 15%. You can be hotter than Scarlett Johansson and holding a flourless chocolate cake and I still will not go out with you if you can't f'in tip or treat your server or others with the respect that they deserve. (I was once standing in line for a movie with a female friend who I was quite interested in at the time but she did something a little rude to another movie-goer and I actually got a little nauseous and all of my lustful interest subsided.) Thanks for the flattery, but no thanks! (At least it was a woman trying to hit on me this time...) ;)

In unrelated news...
I stopped by my Farmer Jack on the way from the restaurant like I normally do on Fridays only to discover a sign saying that they are now closing at midnight and opening at 6:00AM daily. I got there with 10 minutes to spare, but was only able to get about half the stuff on my list. I'm usually back in Dearborn after midnight so I'm SOL. There is a Kroger across the street, but I f'in hate Kroger! I did go to Kroger to get the other items I needed, but they never seem to have what I need. The layout is "prettier" but it doesn't matter much if they don't have what I need. What am I going to do?

Random quiz- If you could choose only ONE topping on your pizza what would it be?
(Mine would be mushrooms)




Blogger Kathleen said...

I can think of one of your girlfriends who wasn't futs...

Onion, absolutely.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

K- Yeah, but you haven't met any of the bunny boilers.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fresh basil


11:01 AM  

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