Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Wow! My life is incredibly boring.

Greetings! Not much going on here. My weekend was entirely uneventful. I worked at job #2 Friday night. The restaurant was pretty busy. So at least I made some extra cash. Worked at job#1 on Saturday until 9:00. Watched TV and went to bed late. Sunday I stayed in like a lazy-ass and nursed my cold which still hasn't gone away. I was originally going to have some friends over for dinner, but then I was supposed to do computer implementation for work. I rescheduled the dinner party and now the computer implementation has been delayed until the first of the year. Oy. I stayed home and listened to the new Madeleine Peyroux and the new Nick Cave. Both are great. I made a point to watch the Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror". I don't remember much of it. I've been pretty tired because I haven't been sleeping well because of my damn cold! I went to a trade-tasting after work today at Schoolcraft Community College to taste a distributor's wines. I met some friends after that at La Shish in Livonia for dinner. That's always good. I love La Shish, but it's no Al-Ameer. Anyway, I read two of my friends' blogs today (Julie and Kathleen) and they both filled out this survey, so I thought I'd give it a whirl too.

LAYER ONE: On the Outside
Birthplace=Livonia, MI
Current Location=Dearborn, MI
Eye Color=Greenish
Hair Color=Blonde
Righty or Lefty=Righty

LAYER TWO: On the Inside
Your Heritage=Swiss/German
Shoes You Wore Today=Black Carolina Boot Company Combat Boots
Your fears=Dying without having "my one true love", not being liked, the next four years with Bush in office
Your perfect pizza=A simple, but perfect "Pizza Margerita" (fresh/ripe tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and just picked basil) baked in a wood-fired stone oven.

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Your most overused phrase on AIM=What's AIM?
Your thoughts first waking up=Why is there a horse's head in my bed?
Your best physical feature=I don't have much going for me here, but my teeth are pretty darn straight.
Your bedtime=Three-ish (AM)

Pepsi or Coke=Coke
McDonalds or Burger King=Rally's (in Michigan), Arctic Circle (out west), or BK if i must choose (they have frozen coke)
Single or group dates=Single
Adidas or Nike=Converse All Stars baby!!!
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea=I really don't drink iced tea. I like Lapsang Souchang tea (hot).
Chocolate or vanilla=CHOCOLATE!!!
Cappuccino or coffee=Espresso an Australian "Short Black"

Cuss=Like a motherf#%*in' trucker with Tourettes
Sing=In the car (I actually have about 10 years choir experience. I was never solo quality, but I was a pretty good Baritone. I haven't sung in years, but I'm more confident in my voice now. I love to sing and listen to choral music.)
Take a shower every day=Yes
Have a crush(es)=Yes. One major. A few minor.
Think you've been in love=I thought I was at the time, but it turns out it was obsession.
Like(d) high school=Hell no!
Want to get married=Yes
Believe in yourself=More than ever
Get motion sickness=No
Think you're attractive=I think I could be(physically attractive) if I lost a lot of weight. I think I'm emotionally attractive and have lots to offer.
Think you're a health freak=Hell no, just a freak.
Get along with your parents=Yes, especially now that we live 150 miles apart.
Like thunderstorms=Love em'. I'll go out on the porch if it's a good one. I especially love them in the mountains.
Play an instrument=I had to play a recorder in elementary school, forgot the only 3 guitar chords I knew, and I own a harmonica. So...um, no I don't. Actually I can play "Blowin' in the Wind" on piano with one finger.

LAYER SIX: In the past month have you...
Drank alcohol=Duh!!! I do it for a living.
Done a drug=No
Made Out=No :(
Gone on a date=No
Gone to the mall=No
Eaten an entire box of Oreos=No, but I have eaten a whole package of Peppridge Farms Sausalito cookies
Eaten sushi=Not this month, but I love it.
Been on stage=No, not since high school
Been dumped=No
Gone skating=No
Gone skinny dipping=Not in the last month...
Dyed your hair=No
Stolen anything=No

Played a game that required removal of clothing=No, damnit!
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated=A few times
Been caught "doing something"=No, unfortunately
Been called a tease=No
Gotten beaten up=I was bullied in elementary school, but never completely beaten up.
Shoplifted=I took a piece of penny candy from the Plaid Pantry in Salem, Oregon when I was about 6. Peer pressure. I'm really sorry.

LAYER EIGHT: Getting Older
Age you hoped to be married=30
Numbers and Names of Children=None
Describe your dream wedding=It can be as simple as possible as long as I've found my true love. It would be nice if it took place on the lawn at Kalangadoo House in Kalangadoo, Australia near Penola in the state of South Australia with all of our friends with good wine and food and the Australian Magpies providing the choir.
How do you want to die= In my sleep (hopefully with no dependents)
What do you want to be when you want to grow up=An Australian Wine Importer
What country(ies) would you most like to visit=I can't think of any country I wouldn't like to visit. But, I'd like to go back to Australia more than anything. I'd also like to go back to Switzerland. I'd love to visit South Africa, India, and China.

LAYER NINE: In a boy/girl
Best eye color=blue or green
Best hair color=red or hazel
Short or long hair=Either is fine, but I especially love short hair.
Height=Doesn't matter
Best articles of clothing=I love women who know how to accessorize. A silk scarf is the biggest turn on. Silver jewelry is cool. I wish more Americans would follow the French example. Audrey Hepburn's style is faultless.
Best first date location=You tell me. I haven't had much luck with these. I think the DIA is a pretty nice one.

LAYER TEN: In The Numbers...
Number of drugs taken illegally=I tried pot a couple of times. I didn't inhale. Once was backstage at an Einsturzende Neubauten concert and one of the band members passed me a joint so I took a polite puff.
Number of people I could trust with my life=Not too many
Number of CDs that I own=Over 500 + vinyl
Number of piercings=One long-closed ear hole.
Number of tattoos=1
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?=About three or four times in local papers, a few times in trade newsletters, and a few times in the Michigan Journal (college)
Number of scars on my body=1, very small behind one of my eyebrows (apparently I was a very fast crawler as a baby and ran into a chair leg). I try to avoid getting hurt.
Number of things in my past that I regret="Regrets, I've had a few..."

Now you know way too much about me.
Today's Wine Recommendation: 2003 Panther Creek Melrose Vineyard Pinot Gris $14.99
This Oregon Pinot Gris is sensational for the price. Notes of lime, wet stone, and pear on the nose are followed up on the palate with clean and bright notes of citrus, pear, mineral, and subtle marzipan. The acidity is crisp and focused. Try it with some line-caught Chinook Salmon if you can get your hands on some. Also fine with halibut, scallops, or chicken piccata.



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