Sunday, March 06, 2005

A few observations...

I was just flipping through channels and saw that John Tesh: Worship at Red Rocks was on. He was as close to "rocking out" as he ever could be...not. Red Rocks is famous for performances by bands such as U2...what happened? Seeing John Tesh got me to thinking, though. Where's Connie Sellecca? I think she's missing. I think the last time I remember seeing her alive was for some sort of cosmetics infomercial. Hmmm... I wonder if foul-play is involved? Apparently marrying John Tesh not only destroys your career, but it also causes you to disappear. Was she sacrificed to the Cult of Tesh? Did a crazed Teshie (my new word for a John Tesh cultist) murder her out of jealousy? Is she locked up in a secret compound propagating a new super-race of blonde-haired, blue-eyed, boring-as-lint, talented-as-wood little Teshies? Did she run away and flee to Guatemala in order to avoid the smooth, smooth sounds of Mr. Tesh? Did she stay with him because of the great Tesh sex? Maybe we'll never know. Connie Sellecca, where are you?

Last week I was flipping channels and saw sort of a curiousity. I saw Lara Spencer (host of Antiques Roadshow) on network TV as a correspondent for one of those cheesy entertainment shows like Access or something. Lara, how could you?

I was reading the Oscars edition of Entertainment Weekly and found out a few things.
1. Do you remember when the camera kept panning to the "big boobage in the balcony" during Sidney Lumet's Honorary Award speech? Turns out that the three ladies were his wife, and two daughters from his previous marriage to Lena Horne's daughter, Gail Jones. Interesting.
2. The longest acceptance speech was from Jamie Foxx (3:09)
3. The shortest acceptance speech was from Costume Design winner Sandy Powell (0:16)
4. Apparently I wasn't listening closely because Live Action Short Film winner
Andrea Arnold called her win "the dog's bollocks".
5. I'm not the only one that thinks "raccoon eyes" look like crap.
6. There were 6 speeches interrupted by music.
7. The stars of The Shawshank Redemption won Best Supporting Actor two years in a
8. 32 minutes into the show Drew Barrymore was introduced as "multitalented".
9. Tim Robbins flipped off Chris Rock and I didn't notice it.
10. Marlon Brando won the death-montage applause-o-meter, beating out Christopher
Reeve, Ronald Reagan, and Rodney Dangerfield.

Kate Winslet was robbed...that's my observation.

I have to go into work today on my day off to do inventory. Ouch. I called the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice phone to find out if I still have to report. Yup. Tomorrow I have jury duty and I've got to report at 7:45 AM. Wish me luck and the murder trial of the century...

Today's wine recommendation- 2002 Salentein Mendoza Malbec $17.99
This delicious, rich, full-bodied malbec from Argentina is a real winner. Fourteen months of French oak aging imparts a subtle vanilla character on the nose, further complimented by notes of plum and blackberry. Notes of plum, blueberry, dark chocolate, and subtle loam make this the perfect compliment to a garlic-studded leg of lamb.

Until the next bottle...


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