Tuesday, March 01, 2005

50 things you should do before you die...

I've compiled a list of 50 things every person should do/experience before they die. The ones in BOLD are things that I've accomplished. The rest are things I'd like to do before I die. Here they are in no particular order...

1. Go to the top of the Empire State Building at night.
2. Stand in awe of the redwoods in northern California.
3. Visit Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia.
4. Skydive
5. Look at Paris from the Eiffel Tower.
6. Visit the Louvre.
7. Visit the Guggenheim in Bilbao.
8. Eat some onion rings and clam chowder at Moe's in Lincoln City, Oregon.
9. Raft the Rogue River in southern Oregon.
10. Drink Chateau d'Yquem Sauternes.
11. Learn to play pinochle.
12. Travel somewhere by train.
13. Visit the beautiful, small town of Gandria in Switzerland on Lake Lugano (it's
the last town before the Italian border) and have some pasta.

14. Visit Roman ruins in Germany.
15. Pick wild blueberries in the Swiss Alps high up the side of a steep grassy
16. Eat the 12-hour braised porkbelly at Blackbird restaurant in Chicago.
17. Have a margarita at Topolobampo/Frontera Grill in Chicago.
18. Go clubbing in Manhattan.
19. Have a really frickin' great cup of coffee.
20. Go to a Major League Baseball game in another city.

21. Eat fugu
22. Drink some sort of Chinese liquor that has a lizard floating in the bottle and
tastes like a combination of ass, lizard, and moonshine.

23. Eat at El Bulli in Spain
24. Stare at Mt. Thielsen from a dock at Diamond Lake (southern Oregon) during an
electrical storm at dusk.
25. Go to Crater Lake in southern Oregon
26. Take a water-taxi ride in Sydney Harbor

27. Visit the Forbidden City in China
28. Visit the Egyptian pyramids
29. Take a tram to the top of the Rigi in Canton Schwyz in Switzerland and take in
stunning view of the alps while avoiding stepping in cow shit.
30. Drive through Wyoming (because it's eerily pretty).
31. Take the boat to the rock "island" in the center of the Rhein Falls in
32. Walk around Frankfurt Airport at 4:00AM.

33. Eat durian fruit
34. Have the scrambled eggs at Bill's Cafe in the Darlinghurst district of Sydney.
35. Hike around Mt. Hood and then stop at Timberline Lodge (where they filmed
The Shining).
36. Watch the sunset in Coonawarra
37. Play the "parsley game"
38. Invent a game with your grown-up friends and call it "Chair Ball" or "Apathy

39. Be an "extra" in a movie.
40. Be immortalized in song.
41. Watch every single episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus in a super-marathon
without sleeping.
42. Tiptoe through the tulips.
43. Eat a baguette in Vietnam.
44. Eat foie gras.
45. See a kangaroo in the wild.
46. See a band you really like 3 times in one week.

47. Go on an African safari (the non-hunting kind).
48. Eat something unfamiliar in a foreign country without asking what it is.
49. Go to Rio for Carnivale.
50. Go to Munich for Oktoberfest.

Unless I win the lottery I doubt that I'll be able to accomplish many of the things that remain to be tackled on my list. A few would be nice. I'm pretty content with the life I've had so far. I've been lucky enough to travel more than the average person. Some people have never been out of their home state. As far as I'm concerned travel is the one of the greatest things a person can do. There's a whole big world out there and lots of crappy souvenirs to buy. Hopefully you can come up with 50 things and accomplish them all. Good luck!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

For 1000 bucks Momus will immortalize you in a song...and he wears an eye-patch!

7:18 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Yeah. I used to have that album. I just don't have a 1000 bucks.

1:10 AM  

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