Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fun with industry jargon...

Just thought I'd share with you some of the jargon, slang, and phrases that exist in both the restaurant and wine business...

86 (eighty-six)-To be out of an item.
"In the weeds"-To be hopelessly behind, either as a server or in the kitchen. See also
"slammed", "buried", "slammed", "swamped"
door whore-host/hostess
front of the house-the dining room and dining room staff
back of the house-kitchen, dishroom, storage, etc. and its staff
crop dust-To fart in another server's section.
monkey dish-A small, shallow bowl/dish for serving "sides".
gooseneck-Similar to a gravy boat
fire-The verbal command to cook a dish. "Fire a salmon dinner on the hook!"
"on the hook"-To "fire" something quickly. It's needed in a hurry.
"on the fly"-see "on the hook"
deuce-a table for two
two-top-see "deuce"
cover- A guest. Also a meal. "I did sixty covers tonight."
comp-A free drink, dessert, etc.
shafted-To receive no tip from a table.
stiffed-See "shafted"
European-see "shafted" or "stiffed"
cut-To let a server leave early.
nuts-Slang for "meatballs" (I don't know if this is universal, but I have first-hand
double-To work two shifts in a row.
split-shift-To work two shifts in a row with a break between them.
burnout-A condition caused by waiting tables for too many years.
turn over-To have a table leave and seat a new party
"turn and burn"-To get your tables in and out in a hurry so that your section may be re-sat as many times as possible.
I need a side of "Shut the fuck up!"-Usually a server telling someone on the line (a cook) to shut the fuck up.
hell-Mother's Day
B&B-bread and butter plate
well-done steak-retarded
Pittsburgh Blue-Charred RARE
butterflied-A way to make a steak retarded even quicker.
wear/wearing-To have a sauce on something.

"This wine is like making love on the's fucking close to water."

a Mel Brooks wine-"Nice...nice. Not thrilling, but nice." (Taken from History of the World Part I. To describe a very average wine. This is not universal, but exists only at my job.)

corked-A wine is "corked" when it is tainted with TCA (2,4,6-trichloranisole). TCA may occur after cork contact with chlorine (either direct bleaching of corks or acid-rain contact with the cork tree). TCA is harmless but will cause a wine to smell musty, moldy, funky, or like wet cardboard or a wet dog.

Brett-Short for "Brettanomyces". A spoilage yeast found in many wines made at less hygienic wineries. Often found in many French wines. It often makes a wine smell like a barnyard or an elephant's asshole. Many people enjoy the "barnyard" aroma.



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