Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Rhymes with "orange"...

Apparently there's no word that rhymes with "orange". Well...why don't I make up a new word?

How about "forange"?
forange - 1. (verb) To forage for oranges. 2. (noun) A decorative saddle made of hemp designed to fit a squirrel.

There you go...be sure to use this word frequently until it comfortably integrates itself into the lexicon of the English language and eventually become recognized by Webster's. Eventually the saying "rhymes with orange" will become moot and historians will cite me in the annals of world history as being the person to bring it to an end. Thanks in advance for your expected support.



Blogger Glen said...

Jason, yesterday I was foranging at the Allen Park Fruit Market. I picked up 6 of the juicy bastards, two of which have been eaten already. Thanks to your blog I now know there is a word for what I was doing. Thanks!!

1:54 PM  

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