Saturday, March 26, 2005

"I gave her my heart...and she gave me a pen."

So I had tonight (Friday) off for a change. I ended up going to Glen's store and picked up the new Nick Cave as well as some other cool stuff (3 Pogues re-issues that I'd been waiting for, the new Sam Prekop, and a new Yo La Tengo collection). I hurried from there to see stop by the house of some of my friends. We went from there to get dinner and a few beers. Then it was off to Caribou Coffee and back to their house where we proceeded to watch Say Anything. Lloyd Dobler is one film's all time great protagonists. John and Joan Cusack should work together more often. I left their house and decided to check out the show at the Magic Stick. The Twilight Babies were wrapping up (it was their CD release party). I ran into my coworker and her sister and said "hi" to a former coworker who was the percussionist for the following band, Innerphonic. It was fairly busy, but I didn't stick around for long. Innerphonic is very good, but I'm really not into the dance/trance/dub/world/bass/whatever scene. The stench of weed was a little strong too. I know that I've mentioned "Creepy Frank" before. I've decided to re-name him "Freaky Frank Fedora". I don't go to too many shows any more, but it seems that he's at EVERY SINGLE SHOW that I go to. He has decent musical taste, but he's there to attempt macking. Bet you a dollar he's at Jacoby's tomorrow night cause that's where I'm headed. He thinks he's a scenester, and it's possible he is...does that make me a part-time scenester or a creep like him?

Happy Easter! I hope you find all your eggs.



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