Friday, March 25, 2005

For the record...

If I ever wind up in a vegetative state...KILL ME! I don't ever want to live like that (it's not living, anyway). By killing me you'll save lots of money on drool bibs and other medical expenses. Just make sure I'm actually a vegetable and not sleeping or something. My driver's license says that I'm willing to donate my organs...take anything you need. I think I'd like to cremated and have half of my ashes spread in Kalangadoo and the other half at the Rigi in Switzerland. Sorry for the inconvenience, but someone will have to go to Australia and someone to Switzerland. Rough. No fancy services either. A simple closed-casket (as hopefully half or more of my organs would be gone) or closed-urn service would be marvelous. Do you think a fog-machine, strobe lights, and Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" playing would be to much? Okay, maybe the strobe lights would be a little too much...



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