Friday, March 25, 2005

What do I do with a Friday off?

I don't have to work at the restaurant tonight as it's probably going to be very slow (Good Friday). I don't know what the hell to do today. I might (and should) get a haircut at Bob's Hair Salon in Taylor. Don't let the "Salon" fool you. It's a Taylor. I will go to Glen's store to buy the new Nick Cave CD. But what the hell do I do with the rest of the day. I was toying with the idea of going to the Magic Stick tonight for the record release party for The Twilight Babies. They're pretty good and I work with one of their good friends. Another guy I know is playing percussion for one of the opening bands. I don't know if I'll go though. I'm probably going to do something a little more low-key, but hopefully not as low-key as staying home. I'll probably head out to Jacoby's tomorrow for a WDET fundraiser to see a friend play bass for her sister Loretta Lucas.

I just got an invitation to a friend's 40th birthday party next week. That'll be fun.

I was quoted this week in the Detroit News online version. Short, succinct, and embarrassingly simple...but true. I've known Sandra for years. She's very nice and down to earth.

My roommate has descended from purgatory to hell this week. Seems he doesn't like to pay the gas bill. It's been shut off. He say's that it's their mistake and it'll be turned back on in a few days. I certainly hope so. This is NOT the first issue we've had with the gas. I pay the electric bill and it's NEVER been late. Nothing like a cold shower in winter. Luckily I don't like the flat too warm.

I'm still working on my "10 Great Song Intros" list.

Have a great Easter if I don't post again.

Today's wine recommendation- 2003 Henry's Drive Padthaway Shiraz $37.99
This sinful stunner is black/deep purple in color and the nose is chock full of blackberry, raspberry, melted licorice, cedar, vanillin, violets, tar, and blueberry pie. Rich, jammy notes of blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and dark cherry, along with notes of dark chocolate, star anise, and espresso are present on the palate. The wine weighs in at a whopping 16% alcohol, but you'd never know it. The finish is long and lingering. This wine would be fabulous with your Easter leg of lamb.

Until the next bottle...



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