Monday, May 02, 2005

Misfiring synapses are a major cause of wandering, random posts...

Hmmmm...what the hell's been going on in my life? Not much...

I enjoyed a lovely dinner with my friends Kathleen and Brian at Traffic Jam and Snug. I haven't been there in a while. It's always damn fine like a cup of coffee and a slice of pie in Twin Peaks. Actually I had a 22oz. dry rye stout, vegetarian spinach lasagna, and the infamous Carlotta Chocolatta (one of the world's greatest desserts) and a cuppa joe. Yum! TJ's makes their own beer, bread, and cheese...good stuff! It's a cool and casual Detroit institution (for those in the know).

The restaurant got pretty busy this Friday...late.

I'd like to personally welcome Family Guy back to TV. I got home from dinner tonight just in time to witness the triumphant return of one of TV's funniest shows. It was funny tonight, although I think they tried just a little too hard and packed it with as many pop culture references as possible. Not the best episode ever, but worthy of the Family Guy moniker. Can you believe that they had the nerve to interrupt the broadcast with one of those "Emergency Tests" in the first 5 minutes? Rat bastards! Welcome back! (Here's the part where you start singing the Welcome Back Kotter them song...)

American Dad?...not so funny.

I absolutely had to flip channels over to CBS to catch a glimpse of the Rosie O'Donnell/Andie McDowell debacle. It was just as I saccharine sweet that it could launch any viewer into a diabetic coma. If I were mentally challenged (which is entirely questionable) I'd sure as shit be pissed at Rosie O'Donnell's portrayal. Many may find her performance "daring", but I just find it disgraceful, overthaught, overacted, and vomitous (is that a word?). I understand that it's very difficult (and also professionally and politically risky) to cast someone in the role of someone who is mentally challenged. There are some talented actors who have been able to pull it off without insult, as well as some great performances by mentally challenged actors (Chris Burke in Life Goes On and Pascal Duquenne in The Eighth Day both come to mind). This is a touchy subject which I somewhat fear to tread, but at the same I feel that Rosie's performance deserves comment. I'm sure that her intentions were good, but she should at the same time realize that she is not the caliber of actor that should be taking on such a role. She should stick to pissing people off the way she's already accustomed simply opening her mouth. Don't even get me started on Andie McDowell...(although I must admittedly defend her performance in Robert Altman's Short Cuts)

I've gone online to check out Ft. Lauderdale/Deerfield Beach. I've decided to probably not get rental car and just rely on taxis and walking. I'm only going to be there for a few days with little free time. I've never really been any place warm with an ocean and palm trees so I may as well take advantage of beverage service on the beach. I do hope to get out at least once or twice for dinner. I'm hoping to at least get a decent Cuban dinner. My short layover in Pittsburgh should be a hoot..

I just got a copy of the new Stereolab CD set and look forward to listening to it (we miss you Mary...hope that you're in a better place). I also have the new Bloc Party CD on order. I heard them on WDET the other night and they sounded pretty damn good. There's definitely a Joy Division influence...

"Grey" or "gray"? How do you spell it? I'm in the "grey" camp. Let me know where you stand on this pressing issue.

Michael Imperioli is going to be on Law & Order this season (the original). I'm going to have to watch it now (regularly). Michael Imperioli = Christopher Moltisanti = f'n awesome!

I wonder what's cheaper these days...crack or gasoline? All you crackheads chime in and let me know what the current street value is...I'm just curious. That means you Cracky McCrackhead...

The news I've been hearing about Gauntanamo Bay (Gitmo) lately is deeply disheartening and disgusting. I'd like to shove my boot up the asses of Dubya, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, and Alberto Gonzales (who believes that the rules of the Geneva Convention are antiquated)...among many others. Even the former top US Navy lawyer thinks that the current administration is acting illegally and inhumanely. I hope that the tortured prisoners of Gitmo and Abu Ghraib (who have NOT been charged!!!) get revenge on their captors and all of their superiors all the way to the top. If anyone hooks up a battery to Dubya's nuts I want a front row seat. While we're at it can we get a torture double-bill of Dubya and country music supertard Toby Keith???

Why is hot German potato salad so awesome??? It has potatoes, bacon, onions, and vinegar...that's why!!!

My boss is going to be out of town this week...
I think I leave for Florida before he gets back...



Blogger Kathleen said...

I hate German potato salad - and did even before I became a vegetarian. NASTY!!!


3:08 PM  
Blogger Glen said...


The crack in my hood is holding steady at 10 bucks for a hit or 25 for a "dice rock". If you spring for the dice rock it has 3-4 hits in it and sometimes they take a marker and really make it look like a die. That's a great marketing ploy in my book, when things are addictive AND cute...bonus!

3:39 AM  

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