Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Freakin' sweet!

Holy crap! It's been announced that the Dave Brubeck Quartet will play at the 2005 Ford Detroit International Jazz Festival! Awesome! The acts aren't listed yet on the official site, but I also heard that Dr. John, Marcia Ball, and the Blind Boys of Alabama will all be performing as well as many others at the amazing FREE concert. The Jazz Festival is one of the best things Detroit has going...let's hope that there aren't any embarrassments at the All-Star Game tomorrow night. Have you seen Dave Brubeck lately? He looks just like Martin Landau.

I was watching the "Bambi" episode of The Young Ones last week while on vacation. If you've never seen it, it's one of the funniest TV shows that has ever existed. "Bambi" is my favorite episode and it also features Motorhead performing a blistering "Ace of Spades". Anyway...I always knew that Emma Thompson played Miss Money Sterling and Robbie Coltraine played Dr. Carlysle in this episode, but it slipped by me completely until I rewatched it that Hugh Laurie (from my favorite current show House) played Lord Monty from the Footlights College team. It's a great episode as Vyvyan, Rik, Neil, and Mike compete in University Challenge as representaves from Scumbag College and take on the snotty wankers from Footlights College. Great, great television!



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