Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Do you know what I really hate???

Ironing. Ironing sucks! I had to iron my tux shirt and other shirts tonight for my New York trip. I try to avoid ironing at all costs. I try to grab stuff straight out of the dryer and hang it and hope that it's passable. I try to buy shirts that don't need much or any ironing. I realize that folding them in my suitcase sort of defeats the purpose, but they're only being bent down the middle and not at a sharp crease, but still... I could of course use the iron in the hotel room (assuming there is one), but they're not always reliable or the ironing board may be broken. Anyway...ironing sucks.

I'm being picked up by a friend in the morning and taken to the airport. I come back on Friday. I made a reservation for two for Les Halles on Wednesday. My friend Brittney from San Diego will be joining me. Here's the lunch menu. She's also flying in tomorrow (a day early). I really look forward to the whole thing. I look forward to seeing my friends from the Aussie trip, the whole Aussie wine to-do that I'm there for, and of course just being in New York City. I plan to eat myself silly and hopefully not embarrass myself too much. I feel very safe in New York. I'm a Detroiter and that trumps just about anything (in this country).

I hope that everyone has a good week and I especially hope that my friends still have jobs. Good luck to all of you! I may or may not be get a chance to post. Check if you want to...or don't. Whatever...


At Les Halles should I get the pigs feet, the cassoulet, or the choucroute garni? What do you think? I can't decide. Maybe I'll go for the hanger steak with pomme frites (French fries). Anthony Bourdain's fries are supposed to rock! I just don't know...


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