Friday, October 27, 2006

Stuff and dings...

This will be a short one. Basically, I forgot to rant about something in my last post. Someone dinged the door of my newish car a couple of weeks ago. I'm really pissed! The dent is small, but there's a quarter-sized chunk of missing paint now. I'd like to know who the asshole is that did it so that I may act accordingly. Can I borrow a tazer and a bucket from anyone? I've made a point all my life to never ding someone else's door. I hope who ever did it leads a tortured life...

Today is my 12th day working in a row (between both jobs). That really sucks! Luckily I actually will have two days off starting a row. Sweet, sweet victory. Maybe I'll make another big-ass pot of soup tomorrow unless I come up with some plans.
Have a great weekend!

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