Friday, November 19, 2004

Please help Winky and Wanda

Please read this press release from the Detroit Zoo and then please consider signing the petition to help save Winky and Wanda by sending them to an animal sanctuary in Tennessee. Elephants deserve a nice retirement too.
It would be really cool if I didn't have to work for a living. It would sure be nice to be independently wealthy and travel the world all the time. But alas, I am poor. I work two jobs to get by. I don't even remember when I only worked 40 hours a week. I was working 40 hours a week when I was a full-time college student. Maybe I should have finished college and gotten a job that I hated (but only worked 40 hours a week). Luckily, I have a job that I like. Actually, to be more accurate, I like what I do. The wine business is cool and I enjoy being good at something. I like selling wine. Unfortunately, my job is stressing me the hell out. I don't want to get into specifics as there's a small chance that someone from work may be reading this. Actually, I kind of doubt that anyone is reading this. Lets just say that being dependable really sucks and the owner of our business has no concept of reality or physical and mental limitations. There's only so much that one person can do. You all know how it is. Work is insane. Don't ever work for a family-owned business.
This made me think of the simpler times of my childhood. Sometimes I just wish I could be a kid again. I remember playing Battlestar Galactica (I was usually Starbuck or Boomer), The A-Team (I was Hannibal), or the Dukes of Hazzard (I was Daisy...just kidding. I was either Luke or Uncle Jesse) during recess at Hayseville Elementary School in Salem, Oregon. Go Tigers! I remember the simple stupid joy of working in the cafeteria for a lunch shift once. I don't remember the circumstances exactly, but kids would take turns working in the cafeteria for a week and get free lunch. I remember scooping mashed potatoes. That was fun. Life was so simple at that time that I remember going home to tell my parents how much fun I had at school. To think that wearing plastic gloves and a hat and scooping mashed potatoes and green beans could be so much fun! I usually brought lunch from home. I had a Muppet Show lunchbox at my first elementary school (Scott Elementary School). Pretty cool, huh? I had some sort of Japanese anime series (which I'd never heard of) lunchbox at Hayesville. It's probably worth a fortune now. Although I didn't really know or like them, I really wanted a Kiss lunchbox. I graduated to brown paper bags in the 6th grade. Aren't you proud of me? I would rarely eat a "hot lunch" so that was always a treat. Maybe this was just in Oregon schools, but I always found it odd that you would get a piece of cheese on the tray on breaded fish day. It was always in the same compartment of the tray. We would always take the straws for our milk and plug holes in the cheese until the straw was full of cheese, and then squeeze it out. Yeah, we were really cool in those days. I often wish for simpler times, but I could never repeat the crapola of my life. Lots of good times and lots of shit to go along with it. I guess I'm glad I've "grown up". I don't ever want a repeat of the teasing and constant moving I had as a kid. It really, really sucks to move and change schools when you're a kid. Especially when you do it more than once. Please don't do this to your kids. Looking back, it made me a stronger and more interesting person. I traveled more than most of the kids I knew, which has had a great impact on my life. But still, it really, really sucked moving around. Don't damage your kid's psyche. Sorry about that tangent. Life was simpler then and I don't ever remember wanting to be "stressed out" when I grew up.
Today's wine recommendation- 2002 Valckenberg Gewurztraminer $12.99
This German Gewurztraminer is a great choice to go with your Thanksgiving turkey. It's off- dry with a nose of rose petal and geranium with notes of lychee, clove, and pear on the palate. It's also great with Thai, Indian and choucroute garni. Try something new, damnit!

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