Monday, December 20, 2004

How 'bout a quickie?

This is just going to be a quick one. I just got home from seeing a show at the Garden Bowl. It's 2:30AM Monday morning. I haven't done that on a Sunday night in years. Saw a good local act by the name of Loretta Lucas. She's my friend Julie's identical twin sister (not the same Julie that's usually mentioned). I work with Julie at Andiamo. A few people from the restaurant showed up and a fun time was had by all. It was in celebration of Julie and Loretta's birthday. The creepy guy that used to be at WUMD whose name I never remember who is it every show I go to was there. He's a slum-lord (is that supposed to be hyphenated?). I tried to remember his name all night and now (literally) I just remembered it. I think it's "Frank". He's kinda the stalker-type.

What's up with this ASS COLD weather? It was 6 degrees Fahrenheit earlier and I heard that it was "1" when I was at the show. Locusts...ASS COLD weather...Bush. It's either a sign of the apocolypse or a coming ice-age. I've been home for about a half an hour now and my nipples could still cut diamonds.

HOLY CRAP! Apparently I haven't driven down Michigan Ave. (between Southfield and 94) lately. The construction is finally done. I've been avoiding it, but it was still the quickest access to 94. The construction was done, but the 94 exit was closed. D'oh!!!

Check out the quiz on Glen's blog. Find out which member of the Velvet Underground you would be. I'm Sterling Morrison. I guess that makes me dead.

Went to a party at my friend Brian's house last night. Good times...good times. Saw a few people I haven't seen in a while. And there ain't no party like a P-Funk party (at Brian's) without Bacony Goodness. Mmhhmmmhmm...bacon...

Time to get my ass to bed. I've got to work in the morning. Christmas in retail is still kicking my ass. I can't wait to have a day off (Christmas Day). It's almost over. Then I've got New Year's at both jobs to contend's all a bunch of shite. Bloody holidays! I'll try to post some sort of "Best of 2004" list or something tomorrow. Toodles.

Until the next bottle...


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