Wednesday, March 09, 2005

10 frickin' great war movies...

Here are 10 of my favorite war movies (of many) in no particular order...

1. The Longest Day (One of the greatest
ensemble casts ever gathered. There are 3
scenes that always stand out in my memory.)
2. Full Metal Jacket (Vincent D'onofrio is
an intensely genius actor. Matthew Modine
is one of the most unerrated/underused actors in Hollywood.)
3. Das Boot (Just an intense film.
Outstanding filmmaking! A real nailbiter.)
4. Tora! Tora! Tora! (I've seen it many
times and I also know how history plays out,
but I'm always anxious to see what happens.)
5. Bridge on the River Kwai (Sir Alec
Guinness was one of the all-time greats!)
6. Stalag 17 (One of my all time faves!
Keep your eye on the light cord and the chess piece.
7. The Guns of Navarone (That's a damn big gun!)
8. Run Silent, Run Deep (A suspenseful classic.)
9. Apocalypse Now- Redux (Intense, insane,
and one of Robert Duvall's greatest roles.)
10. Kelly's Heroes (Sometimes you've got to laugh at a war movie.)

Honorable Mentions- The Dirty Dozen, Glory, The Great Escape
and countless others...

However, I think the greatest war story ever committed to film is the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. It's based on the true story of Easy Company, following them from training to the end of World War II. Absolutely brilliantly done! A masterpiece!



Blogger Eri said...

When you tire of movies, try the book A Piece of My Heart by Keith Walker (ed). It's an oral history of twenty-six women who served in Vietnam. It's hard to find on the shelf, but Amazon always has copies.

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