Monday, June 13, 2005

Michigander II- The Moistening

The weather the last couple weeks has been absolutely assrific. It's been hot, moist, and generally just unbearable. I finally resorted to turning on the AC at home (dining room window unit) as the ceiling fans were just not enough. I absolutely abhor humidity...and it's moister than a Wet-Nap outside. The air feels like hot Jello. It's perfect breeding conditions for the West Nile-carrying monster skeeters that take over the neighborhood every year. Living across the street from woods/wetlands/the Rouge River is not helpful in this regard. Mosquitos absolutely adore me. They can single me out in a party of 100 people. I must taste like foie gras or something. I must supposedly let out more CO2 according to scientists, but I think it's just because I'm a tasty piece-o-meat. Perhaps my white-as-Arctic snow thighs are "crack" to the mosquito world and all the junkies live in my 'hood. My summer nickname may as well be "Scratch" (remind me to tell you the story about the other "Scratch" some day). Anyway...I'm sick of this weather. This is Michigan. It shouldn't feel like the Mississipi Delta. This isn't the Crossroads, it's Motown. I may as well jump in a pool to dry off. It actually feels worse than it did in Florida. It's raining outside right now. Hopefully there will be a cold front moving in. Just a breeze will do. I used to live in Oregon (Willamette Valley) where it rains on average over 280 days a year. But that was fine. Rain is rain and drizzle is drizzle. It also cools down. Oregon summer hits the 90's and sometimes even the 100's, but it's dry. That's all I ask for...a dry heat. Michigan summer, on the other hand is just flat-out nasty. At least they finally fixed the AC at work...that really sucked! Don't let "the moist" beat you down. I can't wait until fall...



Blogger Brian P said...

I am stuck in Orlando, Florida right now where the weather makes Detroit look enjoyable.

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