Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stolen blog polls, The Breakfast Club, Degrassi, dried pee, and Vanilla Ice still sucks pig vomit...

Yet another stolen blog poll from Kathleen...

( ) snuck out of the house –
(x) gotten lost in your city – (Briefly...on the East Side...not fun.)
(x) seen a shooting star –
(x) been to any other countries besides Canada – Switzerland, Australia, Germany, England (only technically...Heathrow)
( ) had a serious surgery –
( ) gone out in public in your pajamas –
(x) kissed a stranger-St. Patrick's Day at the Gaelic League...not romantically
(x) hugged a stranger-Plenty...St. Patrick's Day at the Gaelic League...and other random strangers
( ) been in a fist fight –
( ) been arrested
(x) laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose
( ) pushed all the buttons on an elevator –
( ) swore at your parents –
( ) been in love
(x) been close to love (It ain't fun when it ain't reciprocal.)
(x) been to a casino –
( ) been skydiving –
(x) skinny dipped –
(x) skipped school – College only.
( ) seen a therapist
( ) done the splits – Just banana splits...
( ) played spin the bottle –
( ) gotten stitches –
(x) drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour – I love milk... a lot.
( ) bitten someone -
( ) been to Niagara Falls
(x) gotten the chicken pox –
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) kissed a member of the same sex- Not on the lips or in a romantic manner.
( ) crashed into a friend's car
( ) been to Japan
(x) ridden in a taxi – (New York, Chicago, Sydney, Adelaide, Ft. Lauderdale)
(x) been dumped- After lots and lots of first dates for being "too nice".
(x) shoplifted – I was about 6 and was pressured to steal a 5 cent jawbreaker by a friend. I felt so guilty that I almost puked. Sorry, Plaid Pantry.
( ) been fired
( ) had a crush on someone of the same sex
(x) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back – It really, really sucks.
(x) gone on a blind date –
(x) lied to a friend
(x) had a crush on a teacher – Ms. Stasiw
( ) celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
(x) been to Europe
( ) slept with a co-worker
( ) been married
( ) gotten divorced
( ) had children
( ) seen someone die
( ) had a close friend die
( ) been to Africa -
(x) driven over 400 miles in one day –
(x) been to US - Duh!
( ) been to Mexico –
( ) been to India
(x) been on a plane
(x) seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show –
( ) thrown up in a bar
( ) purposely set a part of myself on fire
(x) eaten sushi –
(x) been skiing/snowboarding – Cross-country skiing...SUCKS!!! It might be okay, but I had a really bad experience.
( ) met someone in person from the internet –
( ) lost a child
(x) gone to college/university
( ) graduated college/university
( ) fired a gun –
( ) purposely hurt yourself
( ) taken painkillers –
( ) been intimate with someone of the same gender

In other news...

Works still sucks! I had to go in early today, but I was still scheduled to work my normal 9 hours. The owner came in about an hour before my scheduled time to leave. He made me stay an extra hour. Does anyone know how to get their hands on elephant tranquilizers or a tazer?

There was a weird couple in the store yesterday that smelled of dried pee...eeeeewww! They were waiting for a gift-basket to be made while I was tasting wines with the daughter of the owners of Ladera Winery in Napa. It was a little difficult to properly smell the wines with the smell of urine wafting over...

I was flipping through channels tonight and caught Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ally Sheedy accepting a special award on the MTV Movie Awards for The Breakfast Club. Molly looked great. I guess my crush on her has hit 20-year mark. I just LOVE redheads. Especially those that can apply lipstick with their boobs. Can you believe that The Breakfast Club is 20 years old?!?!?

The Detroit mayoral race and debates are getting ugly. Read this or this.

Vanilla Ice, Tommy Tutone, The Knack, Haddaway, and The Motels are trying to re-ignite their careers on NBC's Hit Me Baby One More Time. Much luck to The Motels. The rest? Not so much. I just hope that Vanilla Ice ignites him self and there's no one there to put out the fire. Now please excuse me as I must be "rollin' in my 5.0, ragtop down so my hair can blow..." ...NOT!!! Mr. Van Winkle can kiss my grits.

I'm kind of excited as I ordered a digital camera through my Dell account. It should be here in a few days. Hopefully I'll figure out how to use it and I'll be able to post some pictures soon. I also ordered a 512MB flash/memory/whatever card to go with it so I can take lots of pictures. I'll try to take some good pictures "Up North" in July. I still have half a roll of "old school" film to use up on my "old school" camera. I have some pictures of the restaurant's Christmas party that I still have to develop. I just haven't had anything to take a picture of since. I took my camera to Florida, but there was nothing there worth taking pictures of. I could have taken some poolside pictures, but that may have been construed as "creepy"...because it would have been "creepy". I'm getting the digital camera largely because of the trip to Switzerland I want to take in the fall. I hope that I can go. One of my kick-ass landlords (who is a kick-ass flight attendant) recommended that I wait until mid-September for the ticket costs to go WAY DOWN. I love the idea of saving about 75% of the cost of the current ticket prices available on Orbitz for October...but I just worry that it's cutting it too close and I may not be able to go at all. The tickets may sell out. I don't know what to do...

The Pistons game is on behind me and San Antonio is winning in the 4th quarter. I guess I hope the Pistons win. I don't mind the Pistons so much as they're sort of underdogs (although they did win last year).

I think I'll go to Glen's store tomorrow and pick up the extremely awesome first season of Degrassi Junior High on DVD. Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High were two of the best shows ever produced. The writing was daring as it covered a lot of taboo subjects (abortion, AIDS, abuse, condoms, sex, homosexuality, suicide, drugs, alcohol, etc.). It predates My So-Called Life (which was very good, mind you). It may be slightly tamer in presentation, but the subject matter was usually a little more daring. It was a Canadian show, you know. Degrassi is just another reason to love Canada. It was the first time I ever saw a goth guy on TV (Claude). Claude killed himself. I've never seen a goth kid kill himself on American TV...and this was in 1990. Most Americans didn't know what "goth" was in 1990. I graduated high school in 1990 and the timing was just about right. I have two major reasons for loving Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, Spike and Caitlin. More pics here and here. Spike rocked my world...she was cute and she wore Pogues T-shirts...

Holy crap WUMD people! Look at what I found on the Degrassi site...look carefully. To those of you who are not WUMD people, this is a guy we knew. Holy crap! Are you wiping your guinea? (Sorry, inside joke.)

Random poll- What's your favorite preserve/jam/jelly/marmalade?

That'll do for now...



Blogger Kathleen said...

Jam or preserves. Hate marmalade.

7:57 AM  
Blogger JulieU. said...

The first picture remind's me of Mr. Tact's line:
"Which one of you is Jay's sister?"

12:07 PM  

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