Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"And here's to you Mrs. Robinson..."

Brilliant and beautiful actress Anne Bancroft passed away today at the age of 73, succumbing to uterine cancer. She's most well known for her infamous role as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. She starred in a long list of movies, but some other notable roles include Agnes of God, The Miracle Worker, The Elephant Man, and Turning Point. What I find perhaps most amazing is her long-lasting marriage to Mel Brooks. It's like beauty and the beast (not that he's ugly, but she's dang beautiful). I guess there is hope for us funny guys after all (my being funny is questionable...). Mel is a very lucky man. I'd like to extend to him a hug and a handshake at this very difficult time. She will be sorely missed.

I saw a bit of a special on PBS tonight about Martin Luther. I grew up Lutheran and respect the basic tenets of the church (except for the whole God thing...on which I'm unclear). The Lutheran church, I believe, is basically good. We learned some very basic stuff on Martin Luther in Sunday School (ie. the 95 Theses), but we spent most of our time talking about the Bible and God and such. I learned some interesting things from this special. Turns out there was another Catholic priest that began to question the church about 100 years prior to Martin Luther named Huss. He was roasted alive by the Catholic church. I also learned about one of the Popes of Luther's time, Pope Leo X. Apparently Pope Leo X really enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle. One of his favorite things was having giant feasts featuring colossal cakes out of which naked little boys would jump ( joke). To help finance the lifestyle he would sell indulgences. Essentially you could help buy your way into heaven. If you give the church enough money you would get a piece of paper saying that your time in purgatory would be reduced. If you pay extra you could also possibly have your dead relatives' time in purgatory reduced. That sounds so Benny Hinn...televangelism before television. Martin Luther was almost put to death for heresy as well, but something called "movable type" helped spread his word. Roman Emperor Charles V really wanted him dead as well. Pretty interesting. Martin Luther had balls the size of grapefruit and didn't want want to molest little boys...

Did you know that Sir Bob Geldof is planning Live 8? A sequel to LiveAid to help fight worldwide poverty. Bono and Midge Ure (Ultravox) are also big names behind the event. Way to go Bob! Unfortunately all the cool acts are in England...

Weezer...I don't get the hype. They're okay. I don't get all the articles claiming Rivers Cuomo as a musical messiah. Sorry...

Les Paul is 90 years old and still shredding...

The case of Hell's Angel Alan Passaro stabbing a concert-goer at Altamont (1969) has finally closed. He was acquitted in 1971, but the case was still open. It closed due to insufficient evidence.

Did you see Hell's Kitchen last night? Dewberry (Dumbass McFucknut) got his ass 86'd last night! The show is almost painful to watch, but I love it. Gordon Ramsay is an absolute tyrant and the weak will get shit-canned...

Thousands of people caught illegally downloading songs are being sued...awesome! Don't download (unless it's legal)! Although I'm not the biggest fan of most record companies, it's still f'in illegal to steal music! Go to your local independent record store and BUY stuff! My favorite record store is Switched On CDs. I've also got to give props to Dearborn Music, Stormy Records, Car City Records, Record Time, and any members of the DMRC. But Switched On CDs is definitely my store of choice thanks to the genius staff of Glen, Brian, John, and Mark. Don't let me catch you buying censored music at Wal-Mart...or anything at Wal-Mart for that matter. I'll whoop your ass!

Have you seen the new Burger King commercials with the "Burger King"? Kind of creepy. I actually remember when there was a "Burger King". He looked like a regular guy, but a king. This new guy in the mask is a little disturbing. The commercials are a little dark. I think I like them. The only reason I usually ever go to Burger King is to get a Coke Icee in the drive-through. I'll get some food to go along with it, but the Coke Icee is the main reason for going. What's better than getting a frozen Coke and not having to get out of your car? As you may know, I am addicted to Coke...Icees.

I'll have to ask my friend Glen at Switched On CDs to get me a copy of the new "The Fall- The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004" CD. Did you know that Mark E. Smith and company recorded more sessions than any other act? I guess there are two dozen tracks on the new CD including faves and covers of the Sonics, Captain Beefheart, and the Move. Cool! If you don't know the genius of Mark E. Smith go to the official The Fall site lyrics page here and click on the Hex Induction Hour album and look at the lyrics of "Who Makes the Nazis?" His lyrics or pattern may not make a lot of sense unless you know-aaa his singing style-aaa.

I'm not sure if I'm going to go see Agent Orange this Sunday at the Token Lounge, but it's still a possibility. I've had both a friend (on more than one occasion) and an acquaintance both tell me that it's one of the best live shows they've ever seen.

Westborn Market had fresh soft-shell crabs yesterday. I LOVE soft shell crabs (dredged lightly and sauteed and served with garlic-buter). I didn't buy any as the fish-guy was on break and the meat-girl didn't know how fresh they were. I settled for a lovely filet of Copper River Sockeye Salmon. I dusted it with arbol chile powder and S&P and squeezed some blood orange juice onto it. I seared it on both sides in a hot pan and finished it in the oven with some chicken stock, blood orange juice, and sriracha chili sauce with some blood orange slices on top. I put it on top of some Carribean black beans and rice(canned) and added butter to the reduced pan juices to make an easy but delicious sauce. I found a beautiful Delmonico steak yesterday and cooked that up real nice-like tonight with some assorted vegetables. The tomato plants in the backyard garden are starting to take off. I can't wait to get my hands on some ripened teardrop, cherry, and grape tomatoes and make the simplest, but best pasta in the world...

Random poll- Waffles, pancakes, French toast, eggs, fresh fruit bowl, or cold pizza?

I've taken up enough of your time...assuming you've made it this far.



Blogger Kathleen said...

I've had all of those for breakfast at some point, but my favorite breakfast dish (and I NEVER get it, because Detroit restaurants suck in this regard) is eggs florentine. YUM!!

Other than that, French Toast is my fave with the bread nicely soaked and lots of butter and some powdered sugar. I hate maple (real and faux) syrup.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Glen said...

The answer to the breakfast foods of choice quiz is....yes. Yes, I want them all please...I'll have a pancake, a slice of French Toast, 1 scrambled egg, a bowl of fruit and maybe some oatmeal as well. Thanks!

7:38 PM  

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