Monday, October 10, 2005

"Breakin´ 2- Lamb Vindaloo"

This will be a short one. I traveled to the Rhein Falls today as well as a beautiful old Kloster (Cloister) on an island in the Rhein. I had lunch at an Italian/Indian restaurant today with my aunt. Yup. Italian and Indian. I had the lamb Vindaloo. It was quite good, but a little mild for my American palate. I asked for it "medium hot" as "hot" has a tendency to often be incindiary in American Indian restaurants (not Native American). We had a family reunion/dinner of sorts at the Altersheim (retirement home) in the Bibliotek room (library room). It was quite nice to see my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her husband again. Tomorrow morning I travel to Lugano by car including a 17 kilometer tunnel at the St. Gotthard Pass. I don´t know if I´ll have computer access, so tschau for now. Check in a couple days...maybe I´ll have access. I will have access to this computer again by late next weekend.



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