Friday, October 07, 2005

Es is gut!

Grützi kids! All is well in the land of skis and cheese. The weather is still a little overcast and grey, which is fine by me. Yesterday (Thursday) my aunt an I enjoyed a nice lunch at my uncle´s. He made a big bowl of Cervola (sp?) salad. It´s essentially a fresh green salad with bibb lettuce, carrots, onion, radish, tomato, hardboiled egg, parsley, vinaigrette, and...a bologna-like sausage. How rockin´ is that? Sausage in salad? Hell yeah! We then stopped by Oma´s to pick up my mother and Oma to meet some of my uncle´s friends at a Schaffhausen restaurant. The trend so far has been to meet one beautiful woman a day. I met a gorgeous Russian nurse on Wednesday at the retirement building and a beautiful Swiss flight attendant yesterday. I hope that this trend continues. Oops. Before all this I went with my aunt to a wine store and picked up some kirsch and some local marc (grappa) to take back home. The guy at the wine store gave me a bottle of local wine because I´m in the business. Nice. At the Italian restaurant I sampled some Sicilian wine, the local Falkenbier, and espresso with grappa. My mother and I then walked to the train station to change our money and run a few basic shopping errands. We took the bus to my uncle´s and had a lovely dinner of salad, liver, and polenta. Today we´re going to run a few errands and then take in a movie (The Woodsman) and get some pizza. Tomorrow looks to be a fun-filled day. I´ll tell you more about it later...



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