Sunday, December 18, 2005

F.U. WDET!!!

My former favorite radio station, WDET 101.9, has changed their format again. It's gone to all talk during the day and music only at night and on weekends. While I'm happy that This American Life, Car Talk, The Arkansas Traveler, and Folks Like Us are back, I'm pissed that Martin Bandyke and Willie Wilson are gone. Judy Adams is gone too, but I'm not too heartbroken about that (she's played the same boring show for the last 30 or so years). I was wondering why Ed Love's show was extended two hours... I received my information second or third hand from a reliable source who works for a record company. She told me that Martin Bandyke quit before he could be let go. Apparently he was accused of a few things and I don't believe any of them. There's a new sherrif in town (general manager) and I don't think I like him. Apparently the format change came about because the members wanted more talk. The members that give at donation time. I've given to WDET for probably about 10 years or so. I didn't give during the last two pledge drives because I was unhappy with the last line-up change. WDET is losing an absolute treasure in Martin Bandyke. His show was just about the best thing going anywhere. Where else could you here such awesome music during the day??? His knowledge of music and film is varied and deep. I got turned on to WDET and the Velvet Underground when I was in high school because of him. I was flipping stations in the car one day and he was playing "Heroin" by the VU. I was like..."WTF?!?!? This is awesome! How come I've never heard this before?" I'm sure Martin will find a good job somewhere, but I'm just pissed with the whole scenario. I'm taking the bumper sticker off of my car and removing the WDET link on my blog...

Screw you're not getting any more money from me!



Blogger Glen said...

Yep, they forced Martin out under the flimsy auspices that he profited from his position by accepting free concert tickets and that he sold his excess promo CDs.

First off, labels throw tickets at people like the WDET staff by the truckload. They are very influential so the labels REALLY want them to see their artists. Even as a lowly record store guy I could go to a free show every night of the week if I wanted, I can't imagine how many tickets and CDs must've come Martin's way. It's been a part of the business for 70 years...

As far as profiting from selling his excess promos....what a joke!
ALL DJs do this. It makes up for the lousy salaries they receive and as a point of fact the people who work for the record companies do it more than anyone.

I liken this to firing a plumber because he has spare pipe fittings and joints in his van.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

From what I read, Martin didn't actually benefit from the promo CDs. If they received multiples of the same CD, he would take the extras to a record store that accepts Used CDs and replace them in the studio collection with stuff they didn't have.

8:21 AM  

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