Wednesday, February 01, 2006

12 Movies that make this guy cry...

Just like it says in the title...

1) Once Were Warriors (My favorite movie of all time. Brutal, beautiful, and intense with an ending that tears your heart out and pours acid on it.)
2) Japanese Story (Amazing, amazing film. Toni Collette at her finest. Gorgeous cinematography and a surprise ending.)
3) Secrets and Lies (The ultimate Mike Leigh tearjerker)
4) Whale Rider (How can anyone not cry at the end of this beautiful film?)
5) Basquiat (Another favorite film based on the life of Jean Michelle Basquiat. Amazing soundtrack helps define the atmosphere.)
6) Kolya (Just a nice, touching Czech film.)
7) White (From the Blue, White, Red trilogy from Keislowski)
8) Ernest Goes to Camp (A cinematic masterpiece. A classic! Kidding...)
9) To Live (If this film doesn't make you cry you've had your tear ducts sealed at the plastic surgeon's office.)
10) Joy Luck Club (I actually haven't since this since it came out in the theater, but I remember crying)
11) Schindler's List (Need I say anything?)
12) The Killing Fields (An amazing film that dares to talk about the atrocities committed by Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge)

Buy a jumbo box of Kleenex before watching.



Blogger Kathleen said...

I'd have to say that White was my least favorite of the Trilogy and I definitely don't remember crying. I might have to watch again.

Have you seen Finding Neverland? I cried more during the movie than not!

12:44 PM  

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