Friday, June 23, 2006

Two more movies under my belt...

I saw the best bumpersticker yesterday! It said "I Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon". That's pretty funny.

I posted about Capote a couple of days ago and I've finally seen two more Oscar nominees after the fact. I can now add Brokeback Mountain and Good Night, and Good Luck to my list. I really enjoyed both of them. The photography in Brokeback was simply stunning and the acting was very good. The dialogue in Good Night was tremendous and David Strathairn was amazing. I think that Capote was maybe a weaker film than both of these, but Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance rose above the rest of it. However, I think that David Strathairn should have gotten the Oscar. He really nailed it! I still think that Crash was the best of all the nominees and deserves its win. But I'm happy to say that they were all great films. Munich is in my Netflix queue. I'll report on that eventually.

I hope that Switzerland beats South Korea and advances in the World Cup...

I hate this nasty-ass humid, hot weather. Thanks global warming! Don't forget to see An Inconvenient Truth! I'd probably be comfortable in an Ice Age...if I wasn't dead. I know that summer just started yesterday, but I'm ready for it to be over...

It's been a weird week. One person in the local wine business that I know died this week. He had cancer. He had kicked it almost miraculously and naturally a couple of years ago without explanation. It came back with a vengeance. I didn't know him extremely well, but he was a really nice and very talented guy. He will be missed. Also this week I saw a friend from the local wine business who had had a stroke a few months ago. He is doing remarkably well and I am stunned and thrilled with his improvement. I'm so glad. Strokes can be devastating. A wonderful aunt of mine had a stroke over 10 years ago and is mostly paralyzed and still has great difficulty speaking. She is doing remarkably well, but her stroke was much worse. She's a very talented artist and manages to paint some very beautiful pictures. She amazes me. I smile every time I look at one of them.

Well...that's all for now kids! Have a great weekend!




Blogger Spoozinator said...

Glad to hear you saw those flicks! I disagree about Crash...I feel that the other nominees (Good Night, Good Luck, Brokeback, even Capote) should have won for best flick. But maybe I see 'Crash' type of interactions more frequently. Anyway - this is the first I've checked blogs in probably months - yours is always a pleasure to read!

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