Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me..."

Wow! What a crazy week!

Kwazy Kim Jong Il tried launching at least 7 missles for tests yesterday and they supposedly all failed. I can't believe the way the White House is still downplaying the whole North Korea thing. I'd be way more concerned about North Korea or Iran than Iraq or Afghanistan. A spokesperson was essentially saying that we should have nothing to worry about. He said that the failure of the missle tests shows that they're at least 10 or 12 years away from the technical prowess of launching accurately. I can't believe how they're trying to placate us. This test launching could have been an isolated scenario. They can also possibly buy/steal the technology before then too. Does this mean that the US is going to ignore North Korea for the next 10 years while we continue to occupy Iraq?

The real Kim Jong Il.

The real Kim Jong Il?

This missile launching happened on the same day of the successful launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery. There were concerns about some of the foam before the launch. I'm actually quite surprised they let the launch go on considering how appropriately anal they usually are. They've stopped launches for less. Maybe there's a super secret spy satellite on board or lasers to be attached to the space station...

Another great opinion piece from Jack Lessenberry here.

In the biggest upset in possibly EVER France beat Brazil in the World Cup series to eventually advance to the Finals to play against Italy. WTF?!?

The f'in bastard died before I could kill him! Super Asshole Kenneth Lay died today! It seems he took the easy way out...dying. That's so not fair. I wonder if it's some sort of ruse and he's hiding on an island somewhere...

Swiss superstar Roger Federer makes it to the Wimbledon semi-finals! (No surprise there really>)

Work = balls
It's been a crap week! Hope you had a nice 4th.

I found out yesterday that Lou the waitress died a few months ago. Lou was a waitress at our favorite 24-hour college hangout. She was in her 70s then. She was really sweet and had a great memory. Everybody loved Lou. She'll be missed dearly. I'll write about our hangout (Andoni's) specifically one day...

I just read that the Buzzcocks are playing Detroit next the Shelter! The Shelter is pretty small and I can't believe that the Buzzcocks are playing such a venue. They're only one of the greatest bands ever...

Another musical oddity...
I love the Flaming Lips, but I'm a little taken aback that they're top-billed over Sonic Youth for an upcoming show. Come on! It's Sonic f'in Youth fer Chris'sake!

I'm developing a new semi-addiction. There's a show on Speedvision called Pinks. People bring there cars to the drag strip and race each other for their pink slips. I'm not a car nut or anything, but it's pretty insane!

I can't remember anything else right now that I wanted to post. I'm forgetting something...

I guess I'll give up.

Random poll- Who's the better songwriter? Bob Dylan or Prince?

Random poll #2- What was/is your favorite late night divey cheap food hangout? What do you usually order? What do you order after the bar? Any favorite stories? Favorite server?



Blogger Kathleen said...

Dylan or Prince? Dear God, can I say NEITHER!!!

I never hung out at Andoni's like the rest of you slackers (being so much older). Way back when (you were probably still in grade school), we would stop at Van's after Friday night Hall Parties. I don't remember what I would get but it was pre-vegetarian days. I'm sure French Fries were involved as I adore French Fries.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Dylan, of course. It's not even a close call.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Glen said...

Gotta go with the elder of the two gents from Minnesota, but I won't dismiss Prince's songcrafting talents. That man can write dance songs in his sleep.

Favorite meal at Andoni's, FISH AND MAC!!!!

12:13 PM  

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