Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How do you spell "dag nabit"?

Both Australia and Switzerland were eliminated in the World Cup today. It's sad. Australia's loss was questionable because of bad call whick ended up allowing Italy's only goal and Switzerland and the Ukraine both went scoreless for 120 minutes until Ukraine scored 3 penalty kicks. My faves are out of the running. I was really rooting for both. Switzerland really had a chance and Australia surprised everybody. Until today's game Switzerland was the only team to allow no goals at all this series. The only goals were scored on penalty kicks. Great job Australia and Switzerland! I'm really proud of both of you! There's always next time!



Blogger Glen said...

Join me in rooting for Argentina, Jason!! They have a match against the homestanding German team on Friday @ 11:00 AM local time. If any nation could use a morale boost it is Argentina, where the people have been systematically raped of all their limited wealth since 1975 by a series of thieves posing as governments. In fact, since 1975 the number of people living below the poverty level has risen from about 6% to 45%. In this day that is a truly staggering "redistribution" of wealth. So for the suffering people of Argentina I root and I entreat you to do the same.

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