Friday, November 03, 2006

"Die, die, die my Diebold!" misquote the Misfits.

I watched the new HBO documentary tonight entitled Hacking Democracy. Wow! This enlightening and scary, but unfortunately not surprising documentary follows a grandmother in her search of honest answers regarding elections across the country. Scary! She approached some computer experts to determine if the elections could have been hacked. It shows and proves unequivocally that the elections could have been tampered with. Diebold states that is impossible. Bullllllllsssssshhhiiiiiittttttt!!! You've already heard or read about this to some degree, but this shows the process of actually proving that election results were off in Florida and definitely most likely in Ohio and that Diebold are LIARS!!! At the moment you have to have HBO to watch it but I highly recommend searching it out. Of course I'm pissed that Dubya lost the election twice but won the Presidencey, but I'm maybe more pissed at Kerry for conceding so quickly...

Another great editorial from Jack Lessenberry here.

VOTE NO ON 3!!! If you want to kill mourning doves you deserve to be added to the list!

This is a big election coming up. Vote with your heart. Show up in great numbers and challenge authority as you deem appropriate. It is your right and privilege to help determine this state and country's future...for now. Don't wait for this current administration to take those rights away and pray that your vote is not altered by the conservative machine.

Vote early! Vote often! Vote Chicago style! (Kidding...but please do vote!)




Blogger Kathleen said...

My friend MW has sent me boatloads of articles all talking about how the Diebold voting machines can be hacked quite easily and quickly (under a couple of minutes). I hope to God I see punch cards when I go to vote on Tuesday.

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