Monday, November 06, 2006

The funniest movie ever???

I went to see Borat on Saturday with BST and almost coughed up a lung from laughing so hard. It's vile, disgusting, distasteful, and bloody genius! It's probably the funniest movie I've ever seen. Films like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Caddyshack, History of the World Part I, Blazing Saddles, Vacation, Airplane, the Pink Panther series, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, The Music Box all hold deserved places in the hallowed halls of humor, but never have my senses been so assaulted. Sacha Baron Cohen is the new Andy Kaufman, but less of an asshole. This movie is very, very offensive...please go see it. Its release right before election day makes it even better. There's lots of embarrassing stuff in the film that should make Americans feel uncomfortable with themselves. This movie is full of NON-STOP, in your face laughs. I was almost hyperventilating for a few minutes during a certain scene. You'll figure out the scene when you get to it. Go see Borat now!

Major kudos to Michael J. Fox for standing up to Rushfuckingassholelimbaugh! And a great interview with Donny Deutsch! Stem cell research has so much potential...maybe they'll be able to prevent Republitardation with it some day.

Please be sure to vote tomorrow. It's your right and your privilege. If you don't vote tomorrow the bad guys may win and your right and privilege to vote may be taken away from you as well as the rest of your civil liberties. It's already happening with the phone tapping and Dieboldian vote stealing. Question, challenge, and kick authority in the balls if you have to. We have a chance to potentially turn this country around tomorrow. Vote with your conscience, vote with your heart, just vote! Vote vote vote!!! "Blue state powers activate! Form of a majority!"
Protect your civil liberties before they're gone. This is your chance folks! I've got to go to bed early. I'm getting up early to vote because there's a lot on the ballot tomorrow and I'm expecting a big turnout (hopefully). Exercise your right to vote, it'll make you a fit citizen. I'm hopeful of a positive change in Congress. Hoping for more donkeys than elephants in Congress...





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