Friday, December 08, 2006

Free Parking!

Not much going on. Just thoroughly enjoying the holiday retail season. Anybody have a gun?

There is another very good opinion piece from Jack Lessenberry here.

I guess the biggest news of the week is that Michael Anthony has been kicked out of Van Halen only to be replaced by Eddie's 15-year-old son Wolfgang. Ouch!

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the local rag for a fluff piece, but I didn't know when/if it would go to print. Turns out I was sharing the front page of the paper this week with our dead mayor. Weird. The article is largely inaccurate, but it's just a bunch of fluff anyway. The mayor was probably the largest proponent of paid parking in this here town, so I find it kind of funny that there is free parking for 3 days in our lot so people can go see him at the local church. There are cops everywhere directing traffic and there's going to be a funeral procession like none before. Try to find alternate routes because traffic is going to be f'ed up. He was a nice enough guy and hugely popular, but I don't agree with his politics. He's run this city for close to 20 years. It'll be interesting to see what happens in this town. I wouldn't be surprised if they immortalize him like Lenin in this crazy town.

Have a good weekend!



Blogger Glen said...

Regarding Eddie Van Halen kicking out Michael Anthony....from what?? The freakin' band has been irrelevant for over 14 years and dormant for at least the last eight. Eddie the ego-maniac should hang it up!

Signed, A fan who paid to see your band every year from 1979 - 1986 and hates what you've done since.

1:05 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

OH! That's why parking was free on Friday!!! We just thought it was karma.

Did that many people want to pay their respects? Hell, I never even thought of it. I heard he was mayor for 21 years.

2:03 PM  

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