Sunday, February 18, 2007

Never trust a man in green tights...

I'm a Jif Extra Crunchy guy myself...or natural. Never got into that Peter Pan stuff.

I had the great fortune of going to Zingerman's Roadhouse for dinner today with friends. I had another great meal as always. I started with an awesome scallop ceviche special with just enough spice. I followed it with a cup of the soup of the day. It was a puree of acorn squash seasoned with cumin and garnished with an orange- scented sour cream. Delicious! My entree was extra fab! I had a Magret breast of duck (skin-on) with sauteed spinach and golden Carolina rice with applewood smoked bacon and oysters. Fandiddlyastic! I had a simple, but delicious "Hunk o'Burnin Love" chocolate cake for dessert. A delightfully dense and rich chocolate cake with a Belgian chocolate buttercream. I tried one of my co-diners "'07 Heaven" cake. A seven layer cake with chocolate, coconut, buttercream, almonds, and more. Nice! I started with a Rogue Dead Guy Ale and had a glass of syrah, but also had a Sprecher root beer on draft. Sprecher is awesome rootbeer! And it's even better on draft. Zingerman's is the only place I know of that has it on draft. A great meal!

Someone told me that Darren Revell is now in LA and that his "Big Sonic Heaven" show is on the air out there. Good on ya!

My Swiss grandmother turned 96 today! Happy birthday Oma! You're too cool for school!

It's been colder than a witch's teat lately. We also got a minor dumping of snow last week. I really don't mind it. What I do mind is that schools are closing left and right for snow and/or cold. I don't want to sound like our parents or grandparents who "Walked 20 miles uphill both ways in 10 feet of snow barefoot with only broken glass to cushion their feet and a grand piano on their back", but... They VERY RARELY closed school when I was a kid. When I lived in Oregon it made sense as we barely got any snow in our part of the Willamette Valley. We did have a few closures, but they go nuts in the valley when you get just an inch of snow. Snow tires, snow chains, and all that jazz. Very funny! But when I moved to Michigan my public high school never closed. All of the neighboring districts closed. Not us! Of course the private schools closed...they closed when they heard a rumor that someone sneezed. Kids would often run late for school as they listened to/watched the school closings waiting to hear that our district was closed as the 6 neighboring public districts were closed. But the name never came up. That would then result in a phone call to the school to verify and indeed they were open and your ass was late! Rather than scroll through the hundreds of schools that were closed they should have just said that ours was the only one open! I don't remember school ever closing because it was too cold!

I've posted before that this generation of kids is going to bring this country to its knees eventually. Kids are growing up being over-protected and in an environment where "everybody is a winner". Everybody gets a ribbon for being mediocre. Kids cheat on exams with cell phones, Blackberrys, and what not. (I'm not of the slide-rule or abacus generation- we did have calculators, but about all we could do is type in "7734" or ".7734" and turn it upside down for giggles.) We didn't have car seats when we were kids, we had dashboards and bench/bucket seats to fly into. We didn't have anti-bacterial anything...we played in dirt with rocks and sticks and rusty nails. Our gym teachers yelled at us and called us names! MADD and SADD and DARE were laugh-inducing. Most of the kids now that were in the DARE program are complete high-ons using ecstacy, meth, prescribed Ritalin, and a rainbow of pills. When I was a kid they just smoked weed. Some day a Ritalin-addled celiac that's never been spanked and is also lactose-intolerant, allergic to peanuts, nature, and human contact will be forced to run for President. They'll be forced to run as no one will no what a competitive nature is. The population will be too medicated to care who's running and wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by voting for someone over another. The contestants would all be content to just get a ribbon for participating and then get carry-out pizza from Chuck E. Cheese's because they actually think it's great pizza. Downloaded pablum-pop will be considered progressive and mom-and-pop restaurants and stores will all be closed as the sole purveyor of everything will be McWalCo. President-Elect Indifferent will drool into onto his/her anti-microbial safety desk as Japan hands us our economic ass on a platter. Michigan will be look like "Old Chicago" on Buck Rogers and become a giant mutant-breeding swamp (Thanks to global warming and a 5th world economy). So stop closing schools for a little bit of snow you silly gooses!

Random poll- When you go grocery shopping do you return your cart to the store, return it to the cart corral, or leave it in the parking lot? (Assuming you buy enough groceries that you need a cart.)




Blogger Glen said...

First a word about school in the 70's.....

School was never closed because of cold. It was closed for snow a few times...seems like a day a year on average, but never for cold.

All teachers had paddles or other instruments with which to beat the kids when they got out of line. In Junior High we helped the teachers make the paddles in Woodshop, drilling holes in them to increase the speed of the whack.

In gym class and in the classes in general, we were all measured against one-another. Everything was a contest and everything had a winner and losers. Winning the spelling bee was a goal each year and the years when I didn't win made me work harder the following year so I could get the cool HUGE dictionary that was first prize. In sixth grade I also won a set of "college bound writer" guides.

In gym we always picked teams one person at a time and yes, there were kids who got picked last on a regular basis. They lived. Sometimes we picked them early just to be nice...really!
It wasn't a big deal...I couldn't climb the rope to the ceiling(about 50 feet...they probably don't let kids ATTEMPT that nowadays without a helmet and a safety line/net system) while dangling over a 2 inch thick mat....but I could peg the shit outta anybody in dodgeball all day. We all had our strengths and weaknesses, and it was OK.

Oh yeah, and all of our monkey bars were over concrete or asphalt.

on to your question

Random poll- When you go grocery shopping do you return your cart to the store, return it to the cart corral, or leave it in the parking lot? I take it to the cart corral about 90% of the time...if they are full I'll either run it up to the store or leave it in front of the car.


2:11 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

First off, my private school never freaking closed. All of Redford public schools would be closed, but not my school. Bastards. Closing for cold? Never in a million.

I hate grocery carts and never use them. I take my own totebags to the store and buy only what fits in the bags. But I'm a firm believer in putting carts either in the carrels or taking them back to the store, if there are not carrels.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With few exceptions, kids today suck. Period. You have the information superhighway at your fingertips-- how can you, as a generation, be so goddamned collectively ignorant?! Honestly, were we Gen X-ers as stupid, spoiled and lazy? I might be wrong, but I really don't think we were.

ALWAYS return the carts to the corral, if not the inside of the store itself.


11:57 PM  

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