Sunday, November 21, 2004

WTF? Another reason to be a proud Detroiter...

You've probably already all heard about the basketball brawl that took place at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Friday night between the Indiana Pacers, the Detroit Pistons, and the Detroit fans. It's just another black eye for the city of Detroit. We've already got a lot to be proud of. We're the murder capitol of the US, we've been taken over by blight, we're fat, we've got the highest STD rate in the country, and drugs and violence are rampant. Woo hoo! At least we're good at something. It makes me proud to be a Detroiter.
Detroit is certainly not the world's greatest city. In fact, I'd rather live just about anywhere else. I've been to some amazing cities on three different continents and every one of them beats Detroit, hands down. Detroit, however is home to some of the nicest, most thoughtful, and honest people that I've ever met. Detroit is a very honest city. Plus, my friends are all here. Detroit is good people. All it takes is one drunken white guy to throw a beer and we're again #1 on the American media shitlist. Most news stories paint Detroit in a negative light, and usually rightfully so. Detroit may look like Old Chicago on Buck Rogers (I vaguely remember an episode where Buck left the safety of New Chicago and went to Old Chicago where everyone was a mutant or a crack-head looking gang member). That show jumped the shark when they left New Chicago and went into space and introduced Hawkman, by the way. Large pockets of Detroit certainly look like London after the Blitz. It's embarrassing, really. Many articles may point out that every other house may be a crack house, which may certainly be true. Detroit may have all sorts of problems, but I'll also be the first to defend it.
I actually had a letter published in Spin magazine a couple of years ago. There was an article about St. Andrew's Hall which is a popular concert venue/nightclub. The article stated that St. Andrew's is the most dangerous club in America. Apparently there are all sorts of fights, stabbings, shootings, and general ickiness going on. I've never seen a fight at St. Andrew's and I've probably been to over 100 shows there back in the day (all the cool shows are now at the Majestic or the Magic Stick). The only fights I ever saw were between the crack-heads outside while I was standing in line. It spoke of the bad-ass bouncers, the fights, and the general decayed state of Detroit. Most articles about Detroit are bad, but this one was so negative that it prompted me to write a letter and Spin actually published it. I wrote in defense of Detroit and St. Andrew's and they pretty much edited out at least 3/4 of my letter and slightly re-worded it. There was one benefit from reading the article. It made me feel cool and tough. They did keep my favorite quote, luckily. "Thanks for making me feel like a hard-ass. I didn't realize that Detroit was that bad."
Detroit has a lot to offer. It's a great town with wonderful, brutally honest people. The most honest people I've ever met. There are great restaurants, the DIA, the DFT, the DSO, the MOT, great nightclubs, Eastern Market, and lots of other cultural diversions. When you tell someone that your from Detroit they look at you as if you're about to stab them. It's kind of cool to have "automatic streed-cred" even though I'm a pansy-ass honky. Detroit is cool and Detroit is honest. Detroit is "keepin' it real", as it were. I'll take honesty and humbleness over pretentiousness and bullshit any day.
Thanksgiving is almost here and here a few wine pointers. Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot do not go with turkey. Don't even think about it! Try a fruity shiraz, a zinfandel (red), a pinot noir, a dry riesling, a sauvignon blanc, or a gewurztraminer. Chardonnay is clumsy with most foods (especially a fat, oaky one). Cabernet will clobber the turkey. It's too big and tannic for turkey. Merlot is too big, also. Also, Merlot sucks (except for a few random producers like Pride, Duckhorn, Camaraderie, Le'cole No. 41, Shafer, etc.). Merlot isn't very good. Get over it.
Today's wine recommendation- 2003 Anselmi San Vincenzo $11.99
This delicious single-vineyard Soave is imported by Leonardo Locascio (that's a good thing). The nose is reminiscent of citrus, fig, and wet stone. It's crisp, yet it retains decent body and expresses notes of lemon cream, melon, and mineral on the palate. It's a fantastic change from pinot grigio. Try it with roasted lemon chicken or Coquille St. Jacques.
Until the next bottle...


Blogger Kathleen said...

Just saw this at and had to let you know:

"Camden has been named the nation's most-dangerous city, snatching the top spot from Detroit, according to a company's annual ranking based on crime statistics."

Thank you, Camden, N.J.!!!!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Give us THE best, moderately priced T-Bird wine. Enquiring minds want to know...
PS. I was more affraid of getting stabbed at The Hamtramik Pub than St. Andrews...

7:42 PM  

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