Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Kalangadoo House for sale.

Kalangadoo House is for sale. Kalangadoo House is situated in Kalangadoo in the state of South Australia near Penola and Mt. Gambier. This is the beautiful 1870 homestead that has been converted to an operating Bed and Breakfast. It sits on about 50 acres. I had the amazing opportunity to stay here in the spring (Australian spring) of 2003. My memories of Kalangadoo house are so fond that I've named my blog after it. Antonia, the current owner, who with her husband completed renovated the place, says that it's too much to handle. She and her husband (and daughter) still live in Melbourne where here husband is employed. It's too difficult to handle both. She's very sweet and it would be fantastic if you would like to buy the place. The sunsets are surreal, the night sky is mesmerizing (and not polluted by light), the Australian magpies serenade, the sheep and cattle gently call in the distance, and the gum trees stretch as far as the eye can see. Don't forget the occasional kangaroo. If you're really rich and are looking for the world's most beautiful B&B to buy and operate please give Antonia a ring. The house has been for sale for over a year now. They may be willing to negotiate. Please buy it...for me. Check out the above link (or this one) to go the Kalangadoo House website. There are lots of details and some beautiful pictures. I'd post them here if I knew how.

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