Tuesday, March 29, 2005

15 great song intros and and why asparagus makes your pee stink...

Yesterday I proposed a question as to why asparagus makes your pee smell funny. I didn't get any scientific or nonsensical answers turned in from any one...so I looked it up. To find out why asparagus makes your pee smell click here.

I've only received two responses in the "Which suck the worst poll?" So far I've gotten one vote for candy corn and one for Marshmallow Peeps. Come on people...let your voice be heard! Viva la shitty candy!

Here is a list of 15 songs with great intros. Some songs may start with a great hook, some may build to crescendo, some just start right away with a kidney punch...
I just think that these 15 songs have something special about the intro that makes you pay attention to what's coming...
Here they are in no particular order...

"Swamp Thing" - Chameleons (One of the longest and greatest song intros for the dance floor.)
"Eight Miles High" - Byrds (Just some awesome guitar playing by Roger McGuinn.)
"Over the Hills and Far Away" - Led Zeppelin (Subtle guitar, slow build...WHAM!)
"Teenage Riot" - Sonic Youth (Quiet...quiet...POW!!)
"Gimme Shelter" - Rolling Stones ("Paint It Black" and "Sympathy For the Devil" have awesome intros too.)
"Under Pressure" - David Bowie & Queen (Duh!!!)
"Blue Rondo a La Turk" - Dave Brubeck Quartet (One of the all-time greatest hooks in music!)
"Foxey Lady" - Jimi Hendrix Experience (POW!!! Straight to the point.)
"Where the Streets Have No Name" - U2 (U2 write some of the greatest hooks in rock!)
"Sunday Bloody Sunday" - U2 (U2 write some of the greatest hooks in rock! One of, if not the best drum intro of all time.)
"Baba O'Reilly" - The Who (Just awesome!)
"Cannonball" - The Breeders (Catchy, isn't it?)
"Good Shepherd" - Jefferson Airplane (Makes me wish I did drugs.)
"She's Lost Control" - Joy Divison (Dance! Dance! Dance!)
"Los Angeles" - X (Crunch!!! I love punkabillied punk!)



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