Monday, May 16, 2005

Laetitia Sadier gives me a tromboner...

Just a quickee before I go to bed...
I went to see Monade tonight at the Magic Stick. Before the show Brian and I went to the Majestic Cafe for dinner (because Union Street was closed). As always the food was decent, but the service was sub-par. The cool thing was, however, that Monade and some other folks came in to eat. I figured that I may as well buy the 7 of them a drink. Monade is a side-project band led by Laetitia Sadier. Laetitia is a member of Stereolab (whom I've seen about 10 times). I've always been a huge fan of Stereolab and have always found Laetitia to be quite the beautiful French chanteuse. The waitress said that they thanked me for the drink. I didn't want to look like a stalker so I played it cool and never tried to talk to them or anything like that.

Anyway...the first band (Shadows on the Equator?) were pretty good and the singer was very cute. The second band, The Zincs, were great. They're from Chicago and are on the Thrill Jockey label. They sort of reminded me of a cross of Bark Psychosis, The Tindersticks, Yo La Tengo, and Leonard Cohen. Good stuff! The turnout was very small and Brian and I were able to score a primo table with chairs and everything. It's lovely to be able to sit down for a show. More than fifteen years of standing at concerts should give you an automatic "chair pass" as far as I'm concerned. The Magic Stick is a moderately intimate venue and it's especially nice when it's not packed.

Monade came out and Laetitia looked better than ever. She's always been quite the hottie to me (she's French you know...). She looked sensational and was wearing a silk scarf. If you've read my blog before you'd know that silk scarves on a woman make me melt. Monade sounded fantastic (reminscent of early Stereolab). Her backing band was awesome and Laetitia's voice was as pure and utterly soothing as ever. She was fairly competent on guitar (a newer instrument for her) and actually did quite well with a trombone on a couple of songs. You don't see too many trombones in non ska/jazz sets. I bought quite a bit of merchandise (CDs) which I don't normally do at shows. Laetitia thanked "the very nice man" who bought them drinks and I nodded back. It's definitely one of the better shows that I've been to in a while. Although it was a great set it was a little sad to see Laetitia on stage without Mary Hansen. I will always remember Mary fondly. I met Mary, Laetitia, and the rest of Stereolab a few times. Laetitia was always very nice and polite, but Mary was amazingly sweet and funny. She was a major talent and she is sorely missed by many. Run, don't walk to Switched On CDs and ask for the new Monade. Also be sure to get "Oscillons From the Anti-Sun" by Stereolab (a new 3CD set with bonus DVD). Search out The Zincs while you're at it.



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