Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Worst summer ever...wading in hot pudding.

This summer has really sucked wet llama. I'm talking about the weather. Last year in Detroit I think we only hit 3 days over 90 degrees all summer. The average is 11 days of 90 degree weather per summer, apparently. We hit 16 days a couple of days ago. Sunday and Monday really sucked Beelzebub's fetid, sticky taint. When I left my friends house at approximately 9:30PM on Sunday the heat index was at 100. The air felt like hot pudding...and not in a good way. Yesterday it got up to a heat index of 107 or 110 or something. That's just f'in retarded hot! To top it all off our AC at home broke yesterday...on the hottest day of the year. That SO blew!!! I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I was just tossing and turning and writhing around in my own sweat. Not a pretty sight. The AC unit doesn't reach my bedroom, but I still will get some residual coolness wafting if I crack the door open at night while I watch TV and stuff. I sleep with my door closed and that really sucked possum teat last night. I do have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, but it was circulating hot air. But at least it was circulating air and gave me the illusion that I was somewhat more comfortable. I kept the window closed as the air outside was not unlike a steaming hot bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder.

Sweet relief...
It rained like crazy today when I was at work. It was still hot when I left work, but it was noticeably less nasty than the last two days. I got home and the house was as stuffy as George Plimpton at a Hamptons party. I cracked all the windows open and got some of the ceiling fans going and it actually cooled off a bit. It's raining again right now and I'm getting an occasional cool breeze from the front door. Awesome!!! It's pretty late and I should be trying to sleep, but I'll put it off just a bit.

I just finished watching M. Great, great film! I can't believe how ahead of its time this film is. It was filmed in 1931 and was Fritz Lang's first "talkie". Peter Lorre was quite convincing as a child murderer. The subject matter and dialogue could be considered risque TODAY. Just imagine how groundbreaking it would have been in 1931. Mind you, German and other European filmmaking is generally much more progressive than most American celluloid fodder. What's also amazing (to me) is how modern a city 1931 Berlin was. It also seemed way ahead of its time. Tomorrow will be Rashomon...can't wait to see this amazing Kurosawa film again.

Yesterday Jessica was eliminated from Hell's Kitchen, leaving Michael (my fave) and Ralph. I'm happy that these two made it to the finals. While I'd prefer for Michael to win, I'd be content with Ralph winning.

I really enjoyed the new Anthony Bourdain hosted No Reservations on the Travel Channel yesterday. It was fun watching him get plowed on Absinthe. I really need to visit Paris someday...

My friend Glen commented on my last post that he'd like to know who my top ten redheads were. Well that would take some thought, but thinking hurts. Here's an impromptu Top 10 redhead list (not necessarily in order)...

1. #1 shall remain a secret for now...
2. The girl that was in the store on Saturday...
3. Molly Ringwald
4. Gillian Anderson
5. Rita Hayworth
6. Khrystyne Haje
7. Katherine Hepburn
8. Cynthia Nixon
9. Julianne Moore
10. Shirley Manson

However, most of the most beautiful redheads I've seen are non-celebrities that I've seen in passing. St. Patrick's Day at the Gaelic League is a great day for redhead spotting.

My least favorite redhead??? Lucille Ball
I Love Lucy is one of the worst TV shows ever! Ever!!! She died her hair anyway...

I don't discriminate by hair color, mind you, but redheads do have something special about them. Maybe it's the pale skin, freckles, and inability to tan...

Random poll- Sugar cone, plain cone, waffle cone, or bowl?

Random poll #2-What's your favorite Slurpee/Icee flavor?

Random poll #3- What is your opinion of random polls?

Random poll #4- Do you believe in the "three second rule"? (in terms of dropping food)



Blogger Kathleen said...

Waffle cone (they're bigger, so you get more ice cream)

Don't usually indulge in Slurpees/Icees, but whatever was caffeine-free.

No opinion, but I usually respond, so take that for what it's worth.

Not in my house - too much cat hair. Grandma's house? Most definitely, hell it could be on the floor for ten seconds!

6:38 AM  
Blogger Glen said...

- Sugar cone, plain cone, waffle cone, or bowl? Have any of you ever seen the size of my bowls?

-What's your favorite Slurpee/Icee flavor?
Coke, followed by grape
- What is your opinion of random polls? Love 'em!

- Do you believe in the "three second rule"? (in terms of dropping food) With me it's more like the 15 second rule....

6:17 PM  

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