Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'd rather be riding the rails...

Tonight's Netflix selection was World Class Trains: The Ghan. This is a travel DVD that follows the Ghan train from Sydney to Alice Springs. It was well done and very enjoyable, but it left out quite a bit of what I wanted to see and hear. The Ghan is the sister train of the Indian Pacific on which I was a passenger. They are one and the same train from Sydney to Adelaide, but separate at that point. The Ghan travels north to the red center and Alice Springs. The Indian Pacific continues west to Perth from Adelaide. The leg of the journey I was on was solely from Sydney to Adelaide. There was barely a mention of Broken Hill or any mesmerizing shots in the Blue Mountains. It was still a pleasure to see, but I somewhat feel gypped. Luckily I still have my pictures and my memories. I unfortunately did not get any good shots in the amazingly beautiful Blue Mountains. If you have any interest in train travel I would highly recommend this DVD or if you have an interest in Australia, or even if you just want to see what I saw.

There's something special about rail travel. I've traveled by train in Switzerland, Australia, and Germany. Australia was something to behold, but I hold very fond memories of Swiss train travel. Not only are trains notoriously puntual, but the journeys are potentially stunning. You really haven't traveled by train unless you've traveled in the Alps. Seeing the myriad of waterfalls, brooks, streams, rivers, craggly peaks, lush green valleys, and fairytale-like Alpen homes and barns is something that just takes a hold of your spirit and lifts it above the timberline. That and a ham sandwich and I'm in heaven... I certainly hope to get some rail travel in this time around (October). I'm sure we'll take the train and then the tram to the Rigi. I really can't wait to hear the bells, whistles, and soothing sounds of the Swiss rail...

The tram rail to the Rigi.

The type of Swiss trail engine I have the most memories of...



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