Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"What would Jebus do?" , the awesomeness of Netflix, and places I'd like to haul my fat ass...

First of all...

Shut up fucknut!!! Read what asswad said here. Hope he doesn't run for Prez again...he could actually win the way things are these days. I could see the Pat Robertson/NASCAR/Skoal Bandit/KKK combination bumperstickers now... Is it possible that someone could be worse than Dubya??? Maybe... Just another reason the "Religious Right" scares the fuck out of me...

Thank goodness I have Netflix to soothe my nerves...
I am loving Netflix! Last night was Yojimbo (the 1961 Akira Kurosawa classic that inspired Fistful of Dollars). I recently discovered that Netflix has a bunch of cool music videos/concerts and also travel DVDs available. They've got an assload of Globe Trekker DVDs and other travel programs. I've mentioned before how much I love Globe Trekker on PBS. Now I can watch the episodes that I've missed. Tonight's Netflix selection was a two-parter on Queensland, Australia and the Outback. Great stuff! My absolute favorite two hosts are the beautiful and clever Megan McCormick (I wonder if she'd say "yes" if I asked her to marry me...) and the witty and hilarious Ian Wright. I think that being a host on Globe Trekker may be my new dream job. Chances are pretty slim that I'd get the gig or that I'll ever be able to visit all of the amazing places spotlighted on the show, but one can dream.

If I won the Lotto (I'd have to play it first) I'd probably buy a house and travel the world as much as possible. I'd bring all my friends if I could afford it. I've been much luckier than a lot of people I know as far as travel is concerned. While I've seen a lot more of the U.S. and the world than many, I've still hardly made a dent. I can't think of many places I wouldn't like to visit, but I have a sort of dream wishlist of places that I would like to visit.
Here are 10 places that I would love to visit...

1)Uluru (Ayers Rock)...and of course the rest of Australia, but Uluru is my ultimate goal before I die.
2)Egypt, including especially the pyramids at Giza, Luxor, Valley of the Kings (by hot-air balloon), and Abu Simbel
3)China, including the Terra Cotta Army, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall
5)South Africa
6)Peru, including Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines.
8)New Zealand
9)Someplace tropical with a breeze and froo-froo drinks
10)Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe (the end of the earth in The Gods Must Be Crazy)

It's definitely my goal to get back to Australia someday and Uluru will be on the top of the "To Do" list. That goal is somewhat reachable except for the great expense. It would be really awesome if I were able to make it to Uluru and ANY one of the other places on the list. World travel rules! Too bad I'm poor...

Coming up in my Netflix queue is a travel DVD of the Ghan railroad in Australia. That's the same train I was on. I really can't wait to get that one...

Pat Robertson can suck my left one and I hope Dubya gets a rattlesnake bite on his cocaine-abused nose while on vacation...

Random poll- Mirror mirror on the wall...who is the scariest televangelist of them all?



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