Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina, last meals, Moog, and litigioius Canadian Buddhists...

Not much of a weekend...
The restaurant was sort of slow on Friday and the full-time job just sort of dragged on Saturday. I got home to find out that the cable was out due to the storm earlier in the day. So no TV or internet until this evening (Sunday). I got some reading done and performed some alphabetical maintenance on my CD and DVD collections. The highlight of the weekend was probably the delicious pork loin I made this evening. I enjoyed it with some edamame (soybeans) 'cuz that's what I had around.

I wish everybody (Eri) in New Orleans and the surrounding areas much luck and safety. Hopefully as many people will be able to evacuate as possible and hopefully everybody at the Superdome will remain safe. A lot of lives are at risk and a lot of livelihoods are on the line with Hurricane Katrina. They say this may be one of the five worst storms to hit the US in a hundred years or something like that. Storm surges of possibly 28-feet may hit New Orleans (which is below sea level). This major shit storm has also had wind gusts up to 200mph. I wish everyone well!

Don't forget to give to the American Red Cross here. I already did...

I was flipping through channels tonight and a few times when I flipped through MTV (during the VMAs) I caught some segments with Beavis and Butthead. Are they coming back???

Apparently Leonard Cohen is suing his former business partner for about 5 million bucks that had been swindled from him while he spent about five years in a Buddhist retreat. I guess the 5 million was his retirement savings. I adore Leonard Cohen and what his partner did was undeniably wrong, but if Leonard Cohen is a buddhist does the money truly matter???

Speaking of Leonard Cohen...
This is probably public record, but it's the first I knew about it. Apparently the person giving Leonard a BJ at the Chelsea Hotel in "Chelsea Hotel #2" is Janis Joplin. I was reading a chapter in Take the Cannoli (by the beautiful and mega-talented Sarah Vowell) about the Chelsea Hotel. Interesting. I think that an amazing documentary could be made about New York's infamous Chelsea Hotel. Half of the coolest people in the last 100 years have lived there at one point...

RIP- Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer, passed away at the age of 71.

Morbid, but really neat...
Check out this website called and find out what death-row inmates ordered for their last meal. Apparently lots of murderers love fried chicken...

If I had to pick a last meal I don't know what I'd pick. I love so many things. I guess I wouldn't be embarrassed to completely pig out if I was going to be placed in the electric chair (mercy seat as Nick Cave calls it). It's hard to narrow down, but I think my last meal would include leg of lamb, duck, foie gras, garlic mashed potatoes, braised pork belly, scallops, braised beef short ribs, grilled weisswurst, asparagus, Bluefin tuna belly sushi, white truffle risotto, wood-fired pizza Margherita, Bill's Cafe's scrambled eggs, a flourless chocolate torte made with Valrhona 81% dark chocolate, TJ's Carlotta Chocolata, Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, croissant bread pudding, berry trifle, a loaf of crusty rustic bread and some Normandy butter. Since there's no alcohol allowed in prison I'd like a gallon of skim milk and some Coca Cola. Is that too much to ask for? I don't think so. It would be nearly impossible to narrow it down to a few things so why not ask for all of them and take a bite each.

Random poll- What would your last meal be if you could pick anything you wanted?

Today's wine recommendation- 2003 Consilience Santa Barbara Petite Sirah
This monster weighs in at a whopping 16.8% alcohol and it's absolutely delicious! It's big and rich with loads of blackberry, cassis, melted licorice, acacia, and graphite. This red is so dark in color it could stain a black shirt. It's high alcohol, but doesn't show any heat on the persistent finish. Fandiddlyastic!
About $32.00.



Blogger Glen said...

My last meal:

Smelt from Traffic Jam N Snug
Fried shrimp from Red Lobster
Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden
Bean & Cheese Burritos from Mexican Fiesta
Shish Tawook from LaShish
Chicken Antonio from Roman Village

Some Pop Tarts and Iced Tea.

I would eat a little of everything and offer the rest to the guys who were about to kill me. The Pop Tarts and Tea are all minr though!

6:46 PM  
Blogger Eri said...

I think I'd go for a sammich from the Kosher Kajun, if it still exists. Or, coffee and bengiets at Cafe` Du Monde. Not that I even like those funky squares of dough or anything. On the other hand, being able to have them would mean that none of this nightmare is actually happenening.

7:29 PM  

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