Thursday, September 15, 2005

Boring as milquetoast post...

Not much going on. My birthday pretty much sucked. I worked all day and that was about as much fun as getting tea-bagged by Don Knotts. Rather than eat ramen for my birthday dinner I decided to get pizza delivered. I really need to go grocery shopping...

Relief and recovery bids awarded to Bush buddies on a no-bid basis...including Halliburton. Read more here at the AFL-CIO site.

Another great opinion column by Jack Lessenberry in the Metro Times here. It's about America finding its underclass.

The Daily Show is running a great report all week long called "Evolution Schmevolution". Check it out!

Apparently Britney Spears has given birth to a baby boy by C-section. He was born with a "White Trash and Proud" tattoo on his back, a NASCAR hat on his head, and Skoal is his mouth.

Both Delta and Northworst Airlines filed for Chapter 11 today. They built that fancy-ass overpriced Northwest terminal at DTW just in time. That's more great news.

Let's blame it all on Bubba since he decided to "take responsibility" today.



Blogger JulieU. said...

Happy belated birthday, sorry I totally flaked and didn't send you an email yesterday (or for that matter, a card, but since I never send cards, don't hold your breath). As a gift to you, I entered your FEMA contest.
Would you like to do a nice arabic dinner this weekend (or next) to celebrate?

12:58 PM  

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