Monday, September 12, 2005

Too random for a title...

Tonight I went to the trade wine tasting that one of my distributors was putting on. I did see Emma from Bowen Estate, but couldn't muster up the courage to ask her to marry me. Guess I won't be moving to Australia any time soon. I brought her a short stack of photos that I had taken when I was at her Coonawarra winery in 2003 and also a bottle of wine (2003 Linne Calodo Outsider) as a token of appreciation for the hospitality that she and her dad shown our group during our visit. It was really nice to see her again. We had a chance to talk a bit about the winery and the joys of what Coonawarra has to offer (the people, magpies, sunsets, etc.). Her wines were great as were many of the other Aussie wines on hand. There were wines from pretty much everywhere represented, but I spent the bulk of my time with the Aussie stuff. What did you expect?

I forgot to mention yesterday that Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown died about a week after being rescued in New Orleans at the age of 81.

Michael Brown "resigned" today from his position of director of FEMA. Hmmmm...curious. Guess it sounds better than getting shit-canned.

Hey! Did you know that there's a bigger TV trainwreck than My Super Sweet Sixteen? It's called Taradise and it's on E! on Wednesdays. It follows uber-actress Tara Reid and her entourage getting plowed at nightclubs across the world. I'm assuming that you've heard about her wacky clubbing antics and her proneness to drunken behavior. Essentially they've taken the world's biggest party slut and given her the keys to the all of the nightclubs in the world. It hurts to watch it. Put the drink down Tara! Put it down! She dated Tommy Lee not too long ago. I wonder who passed out first?

Hmmm. I guess Ford is selling Hertz Corp. for $5.6 billion.

The Lions won yesterday. Holy shit! I think I hear those four horsemen coming again. I think it was Barbara Bush's comments last week that got them out of the starting gate. Anyway...way to go Lions!!!

At the time of this post there's only 5 days, 23 hours, 34 minutes, and 50 seconds until "Talk Like a Pirate Day". It's September 19th...don't forget! What are you doing for "Talk Like a Pirate Day"?

Random poll- What was your least favorite vegetable when you were a kid?

Don't forget to enter the FEMA acronym contest (two posts ago). I haven't had any entries yet. I can't announce a winner if there isn't one.



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