Thursday, September 22, 2005

You too can be a

Hey kids! Only two weeks until my trip to Switzerland. It's going to be a long-ass two weeks...

The winner and only entrant of the FEMA Acronym contest is...Julie.
Congratulations Julie! Your prize is absolutely nothing other than the fame and notoriety that come with being linked on my blog. I'll give you a high-five the next time I see you too...

Another great Metro Times column this week from Jack Lessenberry entitled Unfit to Hold Any Office . This one takes a very critical look at Kwame Kilpatrick.

I was going to watch some of the new stuff on TV on Monday but that came to an end when I came to the local public access channel televising the last Dearborn City Council meeting. I was glued for about an hour and half. A Dearborn City Council meeting is a bigger train-wreck than My Super Sweet 16 or Taradise...seriously. Especially when the subject is paid parking. Now THAT'S "Must See TV"! Especially with this nut-job on the council.

Unfortunately I'll be out of town for Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show at the State Theatre. Vince Vaughn himself is going to emcee the event! It's Friday, October 7th.

I'd like to thank all my friends that came to dinner at LaShish on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. That was fun! Thanks a bunch for your generosity and presence. Special thanks go out to Chad Tightbottom! Special thanks also go to BST for making his home available after dinner.

I only caught a few episodes of Lost last season, but I did catch some of the later episodes. That was enough to get me to watch the season premier tonight. Pretty interesting...

I wonder if Dallas is still the #1 show in Switzerland???

David Hasselhoff may be huge in Germany, but I sure hope that the Swiss have better taste...

Hurricane Rita is on its way to Texas. It could be the worst storm ever to hit Texas. I'm sure the aid, security, and clean-up will be there instantaneously...that is, of course, because the government learned from its Katrina mistakes...or that it's Dubya's home state. You can see up-to-date info on Rita at Let's see how Dubya handles this one. I'm sure he'll be all over it to try to get America's trust back.

Apparently supermodel Kate Moss has lost some modeling jobs because she uses cocaine. Really?!? You're kidding! No way! Not Kate Moss! Never! I've never heard of a supermodel doing coke! Especially Kate Moss! Read the story here.

John Roberts picks up Democratic support. Read about it here. Uh oh!

Whatever happened to Budget Gourmet brand frozen dinners? They were great. Michelina's isn't bad, but doesn't quite measure up. Especially the Swedish Meatballs...

Washington DC is recruiting laid-off Detroit cops. Yup. They can handle it. They're already used to murder and corruption...

Random poll- How many "heroic" photo-ops do you think Dubya will pose for in Texas for after Hurricane Rita?

Random poll #2- What's your favorite frozen treat on a stick?



Blogger Glen said...

3 photo opps for #43 and I'll go with Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars with Nestle Crunch bars in second.

7:58 AM  

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