Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This post is boring as a post...

I went to the new Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Allen Park last night. I didn't realize it had opened yet until a coworker told me. I was going to go to the one in Novi seeing as I didn't want to go the the closer one in Taylor (if you live around her you'd know why), but now there's one even closer. Nothing special. It's just like any other BBB. They didn't have what I was looking for, but I did pick up a gift card for someone's birthday. At least the trip wasn't wasted. On the left side of the BBB was a Pier One, with a World Market on the right. That seems kinda retarded. World Market is essentially a Pier One with a little wine and some food. I decided to check out the World Market. The wine prices were shockingly low, but the selection is pretty darn small. I bought myself a chocolate bar (Weiss 70% Cocoa with Roasted Cocoa Beans) that was nice.. I was behaving well...I deserved a treat. I cannot frickin' believe the size of the the Allen Park development. I never realized that the old VA Hospital sat on so much land. It's HUGE!!! The BBB is located on top of a sort of hill. I could see the Ambassador Bridge from the parking lot. That was kind of neat. The rest of the development is on lower ground and you can also see the "giant tire". I hope that this new mega-million dollar (billion?) development doesn't collapse into the salt mines...although it would be pretty funny.

I was wondering when I'd be able to get any Christmas shopping done, but then I remembered that I've got this here computer thingy and got most of my shopping done online. Hooray for me! Hope you like tube socks, calk, and John Tesh...

Now I've just got to get my Christmas cards...
(I got my first one today...somebody was ambitious)

Crappy week at work. Very crappy. It doesn't help that my muscles are still strained. A case of wine (12 bottles) weighs about 45lbs. and they don't move themselves.
Semi-interesting wine factoid- Champagne cases weigh even more as the glass is double thick to contain the pressure of the wine.

I had a very weird random thought recently. I wondered whatever happened to Erma Bombeck. Turns out she died in 1996. Is the grass always greener over the gravesite too?

Random Poll- When do plan to get your Christmas shopping done?
Random Poll #2- Who's your favorite Monty Python member?
Random Poll #3- Potato chips, tortilla chips, or pretzels?



Blogger JulieU. said...

The lower development is on the land that the VA hospital was on, hence the name, Independence Marketplace. The higher development, where BBB is, is on Ford's Waste Site. The reason it is so high is that it had to be built on top of the clay cap they used to seal the dump. This is only stage one of the development. Ford Land has more plans and is using brownfield money to develop the area...sorry to school you but those are 'my stores' so I read every thing about them as they were being built.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

And Cost Market is a less expensive Pier 1 where I can get my beloved jalapeno stuffed olives.

Christmas shopping? Done when my silly Santa exchange Elfster person posts his/her damn wishlist!!

Monty Python? Shit, I liked Holy Grail...


11:09 AM  
Blogger Glen said...

Random Poll- When do plan to get your Christmas shopping done?

By the 20th of December.

Random Poll #2- Who's your favorite Monty Python member?

I'll go with Michael Palin.

Random Poll #3- Potato chips, tortilla chips, or pretzels?

Potato Chips

4:10 PM  

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