Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pop! There goes the other side...

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! My strained muscles on the right side of my chest are finally starting to feel better. Either the Motrin is actually kicking in after almost a week, or the muscles are actually on the mend. I drive home from work, open the car door, step out of the car and...POP! Now I pulled the muscles on the left side. Luckily I was already on Motrin when it happened, so the pain was not as excruciating as it was the first time. But it still hurts like hell!!! I was going to try to sleep on my side tonight (I'm a side/front sleeper). Now it looks I'm back to my back for another week of shitty sleep. I have a customer (a dentist) who had the same thing happen to him last week. He had to go to the ER because he thought he broke some ribs from coughing (just like me). And also just like me they were only strained muscles. He got Vicodin or some other nice painkiller prescribed...and they gave me, the poor schlep, Motrin 800. They probably thought I was there for the painkillers. Those would have been nice since Motrin may as well be Flintstones chewables. This shit hurts!!! The good news is that I'm not noticing the pain on the right side right now...

When I got in my car at work tonight I noticed a few random snowflakes on the windshield. Awesome!!! I'm so glad it isn't summer any more.



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