Thursday, November 10, 2005

Crap! There goes the neighborhood...again

Crap! Crap! Crap crap crap! Crappity crap crap crappity! Crap!!!
Detroit is screwed, kids. Screwed...
I went to bed last night not knowing who the winner of the Detroit Mayoral election was as it was not official yet. It was up and down, but I was hopeful that Mr. Freman Hendrix would win. I got up this morning and went online immediately only to discover that one of my worst nightmares had come true. The voters of Detroit have decided to re-elect Kwame Kilpatrick. We're screwed. I don't live in the city of Detroit, but I do care about it. Detroit is Michigan's heart and right now it needs a defibrillator and a transplant. Kwame is just going to keep driving it further and further into the ground. At least we'll have more scandals to keep us entertained. I fear that Detroit has found its new Coleman Young.

The last time I went to bed without knowing the election results was the Presidental election of 2000. I waited up until about 6:00AM or so and then gave up. We all know how that turned out...

I was hoping that the FBI investigation into the absentee ballots would have turned up something more damaging.

Another damn fine column from Jack Lessenberry in the new Metro Times regarding the state of Detroit (written before the known outcome of the election).

Dearborn election results weren't much better. "Phuqhedd" made it back on to the City Council. Things are going to get ugly...

In other Dearborn news...
The restaurant next door to my job is being investigated by Fox 2 Problem Solvers . The place closed a couple of weeks ago or so without any warning. There was a handwritten sign saying that there was a family emergency and that they would reopen shortly. The sign was then replaced with another handwritten sign saying that they would re-open soon under new management. Now there's a big "For Lease" sign sitting inside the glass doors. Someone apparently called Fox 2 News saying that they had a Wedding Shower booked for this weekend with a deposit paid. It's rumored that the owner fled with all of the money. The Fox 2 SUV was still in the parking lot when I left work tonight. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did...I thought the food sucked!

I was watching TV on Saturday night and settled on It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World on PBS. The movie is a classic. One of the funniest ever made with an allstar ensemble comedy dream team that could never be rivalled. I was talking about it with my coworker yesterday when a younger (23) coworker asked what we were talking about. She had never heard of it. We explained the premise to her and rattled off a few of the names. She looked like a deer in headlights. She had no idea what we were talking about. I figured that she at least knew who Jonathan Winters and Buddy Hackett were. Nope...not a clue. How can anyone not know who Jonathan Winters and Buddy Hackett are? Two of the funniest people to ever walk the planet. Even as a kid I would laugh myself into tears watching either of them as guests on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. A golden era is gone and none of the kids today even have a clue that it existed. It's really sad. I remember seeing Buddy Hackett once on Carson. He was hilarious, as always, but when they came back from commercial break Johnny had his head on his desk, laughing hysterically. His face was as red as a beet. The camera did a rare pan on the audience and they were in tears they were laughing so hard. I only found out recently what caused this...Buddy Hackett told the "Aristocrats" joke on the commercial break. I really wish I had been in that audience. It's amazing what people who are only 10 years younger than me don't know. It really boggles my mind sometimes.

Speaking of comedians...
Sarah Silverman, who I am in lust with, is finally releasing her film, Jesus is Magic. I really hope that it comes to Detroit. Actually, I just checked and it's coming to the Main in Royal Oak on November 25. Sweet! I can't wait to see it. I'll have to draft a few friends to join me. It'll be dirty...

I didn't watch the very special nutso epidsode of Wife Swap tonight, as I watched Lost instead, but damn I'm sorry I missed it. You can link to a video segment of the freak-out here.

Random poll- Can Detroit be saved?



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