Monday, February 20, 2006

A Jackson Pollock or shotgun spread post. You decide...

I had my first Saturday off (excluding vacation days, lay-off, or weddings) in 16 years. I didn't know what to do. I ended up being a lame-ass and staying home. I did go to Westborn to pick up some spinach and fresh shrimp. I figured that I may as well make myself a nice dinner at least. I made some garlicky shrimp and served it with risotto and sauteed spinach. Quite nice. The majority of the day was spent flipping through NBC and CBC as I watched Olympics and a few other distractions. I enjoyed all of this from my new couch (delivered on Friday). I must say that the new couch is quite nice as well. The former couch was my roommate's, but Huey (the landlord's dog) had done a little claw damage to one of the cushions so my roommate threw it out. WTF?!? My new couch is much nicer than the old one anyway...and quite comfy. Since I had the day off yesterday I had to mind the store today. That was about as exciting as watching a glacier melt.

Back to the Olympics...
The Swiss men's hockey team beat Canada yesterday! This comes after their defeat of the Czech Republic. The Swiss men haven't medaled in hockey since some bronzes in the 40's and haven't beaten Canada since the 20's or something. Go Switzerland!

Today NBC was showing a frickin' NASCAR race rather than Olympics coverage. Thanks lame-asses! And true thanks to you CBC!

It's funny that most of the hyped American hopefuls are falling by the wayside...nowhere near the podium. Kudo's though to Joey Cheek! He's already donated $35,000 or $40,000 (all of his winnings) to Right to Play and many companies have followed suit. Much of the support is going to Darfur. That's awesome Joey! The guy is a former inline skater who was not expected to win and now he's donated his winnings to charity. How selfless is that? He's just about the best example of an American we've got, but unfortunately he's not the norm. The other speed skating surprise (sort of) was Shani Miller winning gold. He's the first black person to win gold in an indiviual event from ANY country. He has an attitude, he's not a team player, he's not the friendliest person, but damn it that's cool too! WTG!!!

Former Wayne County Exectutive Ed McNamara died at the age of 79. Some of his record may be questionable, but I certainly liked him better than the current Oakland County Executive (L. Brooks Patterson).

I was watching the Food Network yesterday and they had a "Chocolate Fantasy Challenge". Five top pastry chefs from across the country competed. I actually know one of the guys. I don't know him very well, but I still know him. He used to date an aquaintance of mine. He's a nice guy and very talented. He took 3rd place, but he was up against some very serious competition. Good job Tarik! He also provided the bulk of the humor during the event.

Detroit, as you may know, is the Rodney Dangerfield of cities. No respect! Even though the Superbowl went smoothly everyone will soon forget. People didn't take the Pistons seriously when they faced off against the Lakers in the finals a couple of years ago and even after they won! No respect again last year in the finals. This year they have the best record in the NBA and four of the players were reserve players for the East All-Stars. The East won thanks to Detroit Pistons Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups, and Rip Hamilton. Now how about a little bit of respect for Detroit? You can have Geoffrey Fieger...and Kwame.

The Detroit Zoo may close!
Kwame and the city council have to be mindful of the budget and are considering pulling zoo funding. How about not paying off Kwame's friends and buying Navigators?!?!? Save the Detroit Zoo now!!! Apparently there is an emergency plan for the animals if something does indeed happen. They will all be sent to other zoos or humane facilities. But please don't let it come to that!!!

Tonight, again on Kathleen's recommendation, I finally saw Hotel Rwanda. Actually it's been on my very long Netflix queue for some time, but I bumped it to the top of the list after her recent positive review. The movie is very powerful, gut-wrenching, wince-inducing, and moving. Once again Don Cheadle shows his very talented chops! He was also great in Crash (also recommended by Kathleen...if you read her blog please be advised to follow her movie advice). It's hard to believe that just some time ago he played a country music-loving stereo salesman/porn star in Boogie Nights. Hotel Rwanda is a difficult film to watch, but it really opens your eyes to the genocide of the Tutsis by the Hutus. It's all very scary as it's a true story. Have you ever seen The Killing Fields? Many years ago when I lived in Oregon I was a member of a small, but very friendly church. Our town and our church had a large refugee population of Cambodians and Vietnamese as well as Laotians, Thai, etc. Our pastor recommended to our congregation that we all see The Killing Fields so that we could have a clear idea of what our Cambodian friends, neighbors, and schoolmates went through. It was rated "R", but I convinced my dad to take me (I was fairly young and my parents didn't attend the church). I was old enough (or mature enough) to understand, but being young I didn't know the history prior to the film. The film, like Hotel Rwanda, just rips your heart out and stomps on it with combat boots. That movie aged me a little bit, and I certainly had a new found appreciation for what some of my friends had to struggle through. I've seen the movie a few times since and it still packs a whollop. Sometimes you have to be made uncomfortable if you seek the truth...

On a completely different tangent...
And back to the All-Star game...
Did you see that little guy dunk OVER Spud Webb in the Slam-Dunk competition?!? Amazing!

Michigan weather is INSANE! It was 58 degrees a few nights ago and it's been in the teens, singles, and sub-zeros (with wind chill) since. What the hell?!?!?

In interesting music news...
(to me anyway...and a few others that I know)
A Joy Division biopic is in the works. Anton Corbijn (a rock photog) is set to direct and an unknown named Sam Riley (beating out Cillian Murphy) will play Ian Curtis. Samantha Morton will also star. I really, really hope that it comes to Detroit! It may not get the biggest audience, but damn if it's going to be an excited one.

Apparently the Pogues...with Shane MacGowan...are going to play 9 US dates. I just find out and then I find out that every show is SOLD OUT...including a St. Patrick's Day show! Damn it! The Pogues reunite and they're not coming to Detroit. Like I said...Detroit gets no respect. Tom Waits has never played Detroit either. Supposedly Shane has even been remembering most of the lyrics recently too. Don't worry he's still a raging drunk with the liver of a 300 year-old alcoholic. I think that ALL of his teeth are missing now...seriously. Here's an older shot, a slightly later one, and a more recent one...

Shane MacGowan- Drunk, genius, and drunk

Random poll- Which band would you most like to see reunite (no dead people please)?



Blogger Glen said...

Pogues ROAD TRIP!!!

I'm sure Dana will drive...


1:59 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

I believe Shani Davis has been given an unfair shake by the news. I've read a number of articles and they give what could be the full story - of why he didn't race in the team relay.

And Jason, NOTHING will ever replace the Daytona 500 live. It won't be done. It's not just "a" NASCAR race, it's their Super Bowl.

And Detroit's still not getting respect - the article I saw in another paper gave LeBron James the credit.

WRITE, CALL, E-MAIL the Detroit City Council and let them know you're pissed. I sent my complaint through their website yesterday.

9:42 AM  

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